Bradlee Dean suing Andy Birkey of Minnesota Independent as well as Rachel Maddow

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Photo by Nick Pinto, Village Voice.
Sporting a Minnesota Twins t-shirt, Smith and his lawyer announced the lawsuit in New York this morning.
Controversial pastor Bradley Dean Smith announced this morning that, in addition to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, he is also suing Minnesota Independent writer Andy Birkey.

Smith, a.k.a. Bradlee Dean, alleges that Maddow and Birkey intentionally defamed him by taking an excerpt from his radio show out of context.

In the civil suit, Smith claims Birkey targeted him because he is "a secularist and/or atheist and gay activist with a politically left ideology who despises people of faith, including but not limited to the Congresswoman Michele Bachmann."

The suit makes a similar claim of Maddow: "Not coincidentally, Rachel Maddow is also of a leftist political ideology, who as a committed and also proud lesbian is active in the so called 'gay rights' movement."

Read the full complaint here.

UPDATE: Video of the Bradlee Dean press conference

Here's Smith's full statement on the lawsuit, which he read at the New York Press club this morning, via Genesis Communications Network:

Good Morning. My name is Bradlee Dean and I am the founder of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, a Christian ministry whose mission it is to preach The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to promote and further family values, particularly among current and future generations.

In recent years, ethics and morality in our society have seriously declined. This has resulted in the break up of families, increased crime, and other serious societal problems.

As a young boy, I experienced what it was like to grow up without a father to teach me these values, as my father was in prison for crimes he had committed. My mother was mostly absent from my brother and me, as she was more concerned with her boyfriends than she was with us. As a result, from the lack of familial supervision, I fell into a life of sin.

Click here to read City Pages' July 13 cover story about Bradlee Dean.

Fortunately by the grace of God I survived my youth and turned to Jesus Christ for guidance, redemption and salvation. While my profession as a preacher, and a heavy metal drummer, earned me a living, I have learned that my true reward in life is with the Lord. I found my life, where I gave it away for His cause.

For this reason, in 1999 I founded You Can Run But You Cannot Hide international, a non-profit ministry dedicated to spreading the word of God and awakening the nation. In the course of my work at YCR, where I am joined by many, I have been fortunate to be invited to perform and speak in hundreds of schools around the country; 331 to be exact in over 22 states. I also have been fortunate to have a radio show called Sons of Liberty, which I also use to spread the Biblical and an American Constitutional message.

In the course of doing high school assemblies, I was shocked to learn that there were those that were offended at my message to teach our nation's youth that homosexuality is not a preferred lifestyle. I do not dislike homosexuals, I seek their redemption, not there condemnation. But I have come to the position that I am not, and I cannot allow the gay lifestyle to be forced upon the nation's youth through indoctrination. My objective, as it always has been, is to protect our nation's values.

In teaching the nation's youth about the risks of homosexuality, I would make reference to how the left wing media often furthers this regrettable lifestyle through its propaganda. As a result, I was frequently attacked by the left wing media for this.

In trying to further this mission, I once made reference to how even Muslims oppose homosexuality under Shariah law. I did not suggest that I condoned the methods that radical Muslims use to enforce Shariah law, but made this analogy to prod Christians to become more concerned about what was going on in our schools with the nation's youth. In response, gay activist reporters and television political commentators, like Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, attacked me by making false accusations that I had called for the execution of homosexuals, "radical Muslim style."

These attacks were not just intended to maliciously destroy my ministry and me for challenging so called "gay rights" activists, but also were intended to harm and destroy the presidential campaign of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who like myself share pro-family values.

Congresswoman Bachmann is also my representative from the 6th District of Minnesota, where I reside and where my ministry is based: that is Annandale, Minnesota. It is not coincidental that Congresswoman Bachmann previously praised and prayed for the work of my ministry. This was not lost on Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and other leftist and gay activists in the media.

The worst example to date of the slander of the left wing media towards my ministry and me has come from Rachael Maddow of MSNBC. On air she accused me, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and others of being "blood thirsty" and "calling for the upping of the bloodshed of America's culture war" since Christians weren't doing enough to kill gays and lesbians. She also disparaged my name, my profession, and my religious beliefs, in an outrageous and shocking display of malicious intent to destroy me and Michele Bachmann. Maddow's and MSNBC's broadcast comments have been repeated throughout the media world and have done great damage to my reputation, my ministry, and my mission to reach out among the nation's youth.

Regrettably, it should come as no surprise to anyone that MSNBC, which is owned by NBC Universal, should seek to denigrate my mission and belief in God. Just this year, NBC was rebuked by the American public for removing the name "God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, which it sponsored at the US Open Golf Tournament. The President of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, also admitted earlier this year that the network caters to "progressives", meaning a generally secular, frequently atheist, pro "gay rights", socialist and big government market among it's viewers.

It is clear that Rachael Maddow, Phil Griffin, NBC, and its subsidiary MSNBC intended to use my ministry and me to destroy the presidential campaign of Michele Bachmann who they despise for her conservative Christian beliefs and her opposition to the "gay rights" political agenda.

Today I had my attorney Larry Klayman file a lawsuit against Rachael Maddow, MSNBC and Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent. It is regrettable that I had to take this action, but I felt that it was necessary to protect not only my rights but also countless others who believe in family values for our nation's youth.

Thank You.

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    I wish the Minnesota Twins would ask him to stop wearing their logo on anything for his moments of personal fame, ego strokes and frivolous lawsuits.

    I realize he's free to wear what he wants to wear. Yet wearing a Minnesota Twins shirt to his own press conference, what the heck is he thinking. Oh yeah, he doesn't think. Like the  exercise suit he wore when he spoke to the Minnesota legislature.

    Come on Bradlee, a quality men's suit isn't that expensive.

    Also, if he did think, rather than being another religious political person who doesn't like to be factually quoted verbatim per his past statements, he'd realize his lawsuit doesn't stand a chance of winning.


    For Pete's sake, Maddow read his EXACT words, and followed that by reading the EXACT words of his disclaimer.

    Got news for Bradleeeee: Truth is an absolute defense in a court of law.

    The Reality Based Dave
    The Reality Based Dave

    Pointing! Laughing!On a serious note, I wish I had the resources to file a lawsuit against every public school that invites him to speak in front of the students. I wouldn't do it for any money, just to prevent his religious hate sermons in public schools.


    He hasn't got a case and utterly deserves the public humiliation that will result.  America will Point and Laugh. 


    "... and to promote and further family values, particularly among current and future generations."

    He's really missing out on the vital past-generation demographic, I think. They'd probably be more receptive to his message, too.


    and wouldn't that same phrase be construed as "indoctrination" if it was favorable to his beliefs?  Should he be able to "force" his view on impressionable youth in school?

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