Bradlee Dean's lawyer: "Rachel Maddow's career is over"

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Larry Klayman: lawyer, activist, character on West Wing.
Bradlee Dean's lawyer, Larry Klayman, is quite the character.

Really. As in, there's actually a character in the show West Wing based off of him named Harry Klaypool. Klayman is also the founder of Freedom Watch, might have been the inspiration for the Tea Party, and claims to know Michele Bachmann "very well."

He's also the guy who sued Facebook for more than $1 billion earlier this year. And, according to state records, his license is currently on "administrative suspension" in Pennsylvania. In 2009, Klayman released a book called "Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment."

Klayman and Dean appeared on Michele Tafoya's CBS radio show yesterday to talk about their lawsuit against MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and Minnesota Independent writer Andy Birkey. The suit claims that the two journalists took an excerpt from Dean's radio show out of context and defamed him.

Klayman, a.k.a "The One-Man Tea Party," is also the proud author of this book, "Whores."
"It's the most outrageous statement I've heard in my entire life," Klayman tells Tafoya. "And I've lived a bit here, and I've been a lawyer a long time. And it doesn't stop. They're trying to destroy Bradlee, they're trying to destroy Bachmann."

Bachmann is the "real target," asserts Klayman, "because MSNBC hates Christian conservatives."

Listening to the show, it's clear that Klayman and Dean are pretty defensive.

At one point, Tafoya simply plays the excerpt in question as it appeared on Maddow's show, and Dean takes it as a personal attack.

"That's pretty clever, Michele," shoots Dean.

"What do you mean?" asks Tofaya, genuinely confused.

"Well your piece," replies Dean.

"I didn't--"

"Forty-five seconds of it has been omitted."

Maddow doesn't seem too concerned with the lawsuit.
Later in the interview, Klayman says that Dean's life has been threatened as a result of Maddow's coverage. He declares that the suit will cost MSNBC "hundreds of millions of dollars" and mean the end of Maddow's journalism career.

"His life has been threatened," says Klayman. "His family has been threatened. And this is outrageous. Rachel Maddow's career is over."

When asked to elaborate on the death threats, Klayman says that a man sent Dean a threat over the Internet "saying that he wants to have sex with Bradlee, then he's gonna kill him."

Meanwhile, Maddow doesn't seem too concerned about the suit. Both MSNBC and the Minnesota Independent are standing by their reporters, calling Dean's suit totally baseless.

Click here for the full audio.

For more on Klayman's legal style, click here to see Harry Klaypool square off with Rob Lowe.

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    Why do I have a feeling that Bradlee, is more worried that the guy who threatened him, said he was going to "have sex" with him, then the part about killing him.


    This is an interesting case. It seems that both sides have a completely different story. It doesn't sound like different view points, but actually different incidences. I wonder what will happen in this case. 

     Elisa Jed |


    It's interesting that Dean got up in front of the MN Legislature and told everyone that Obama is a Muslim, but he sues over this. He can dish it out, but he can't take it.

    Take into account that the Republican-controlled Legislature criticised him for his remarks, and you can cut out the "leftist" and "anti-Christian" BS.


    just another idiot trying to get 15 minutes of fame.


    It's pretty interesting how the far right throws stone after stone and then when somebody calls them on it, they immediately claim the victim card.  See Jon Stewarts piece last night called GOP: Special Victims Unit

    Michelle Bachmann
    Michelle Bachmann

    Nice hate speech you liberal fucktard.   I can't believe the scummy filth that comes out of each and every liberal terrorist criminal.   What can you expect from idiots that want to destroy America and have gay sex to celebrate.    Liberals are without a doubt the most evil vile people ever and should be executed in camps.    Conservatives would never say anything like this, we are way too classy you fucking assholes.    I just never hear the same hatred coming from conservatives towards liberals.    More than likely that's because liberals have aids and syphilis in their stupid brains.   Go to hell you mean divisive scum fuck liberals.   Learn to be fucking civil you fucking assholes.........I call it the Aristocrats!   


    To be fair, MANY of them ARE victims-

    -of a criminally underfunded public education system.


    @Michelle Bachmann  Because nothing says "classy" or "educated" then someone with such a tiny vocabulary, that she can't finish a sentence without using profanity. wow, your mamma done raised you right! "want to destroy America, and have gay sex to celebrate." how you managed to connect those two, is interesting to say the least, Did your man, leave you for someone who knows how to satisfy a man?



    where is the hate coming from?  GOP throwing filth once again...  My My My


    @Tonyswoman1 I'm guessing "Michelle Bachmann, just found out her husband/boyfriend, left her for another man.

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