Dayton mocked by billboards for role in shutdown

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Mark Dayton wants you to use Iowa's toilets.
Mark Dayton is taking all the blame for the state shutdown in a new billboard ad campaign.

With his head looking slightly too big for the body it's on, Dayton is shown presenting a series of shutdown-related images in the style of a "Price is Right" girl. The billboards, paid for by conservative agitators Minnesota Majority, make Dayton seem wholly responsible for the fact that state parks and rest areas are closed.
It's sort of ironic, that the people ignoring the Republican majority in the legislature are literally called "Minnesota Majority." But oh well, the billboards are a pretty snappy way to pin the six-day-old shutdown on Dayton.

Minnesota Majority is accepting donations, if you feel like contributing to keep the billboards up.

Mark Dayton roams Itasca State Park at night to keep you out.

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