Donovan McNabb and Vikings work on contract details

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McNabb had a great career before his last year in Washington.
Donovan McNabb will be the Vikings' new quarterback if he and the team can agree on the details of a new contract, sources told ESPN late last night.

With Tarvaris Jackson reportedly bolting for Seattle, the Vikings are close to trading with the Redskins to get the Super Bowl-losing veteran. McNabb, entering his 13th season, is due $14.75 million in 2011, more than $1 million per touchdown he threw last year.

According to sources, the team wants to slash McNabb's salary by more than half. There's no word on who Minnesota would be sending the other way to pick up the Chunky Soup spokesman.
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Favre is actually one of the better free agent QBs available.

But the clock might be running out on the deal. According to ESPN, the Vikings are scanning the free agent market for other veteran quarterbacks, a relatively thin field that includes Seattle's Matt Hasslebeck, Baltimore's Marc Bulger, and... yes, Brett Favre, who's always just a phone call away.

The parallels between McNabb and the pre-Vikings Favre are uncanncy. After a great long run with one team -- the Eagles and Packers, respectively -- and a regrettable year with another -- the Redskins and Jets, respectively -- they join the Vikings, who aren't respected.

McNabb's year with the 'Skins was inglorious to say the least. Late in the season, Redskins coach Mike Shannahan benched McNabb in favor of Rex Grossman, whose last action had been looking like the worst quarterback in the history of the Super Bowl.

Even still, there's a low bar in Minnesota after last year. If McNabb can keep his name out of the tabloids and keep himself upright -- no, not like that, Brett -- he'll be an improvement from last year's model.

  • Tarvaris Jackson signs with Seattle, Vikings call Donovan McNabb, reports say

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Mandy Strongham
Mandy Strongham

If I’m McNabb I won't accept the pay cut because there are a couple teams that he could start for still & not be there to keep the seat warm for a young guy like he would in Minny. There's nothing wrong with rolling the dice at this point. Plus, who wants to see the Skins get anything at this point? Snyder blows and always will.

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