Kurt Rambis fired by the Timberwolves

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Rambis took a bad situation and made it worse.
Like a wounded deer limping around the forest, Kurt Rambis was finally put out of his misery -- appropriately, by Timberwolves.

The T-Wolves fired Rambis this morning, ending his reign at the helm of one of the league's worst teams.

"I want to thank Kurt for his contributions to our franchise and wish him the best in his future endeavors," said T-Wolves president David Kahn.

Kahn didn't elaborate those "contributions"  -- maybe Rambis bought a bunch of chairs for the locker room.

In two years, Rambis went 32-132, and the T-Wolves became a league-wide punchline.

Rambis' cursed tenure is a dramatic decline from his glory years, when he won championships as a hard-nosed role player with Magic Johnson's Lakers. Hell, it's even a decline from the years he played Coach Cleary on "7th Heaven."

As he exits, the T-Wolves actually have something of a bright-looking future, with a talented cast of promising youngsters, namely Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams.

"I am hopeful Kurt receives his share of the credit for helping develop that talent and his contributions are not forgotten as we become a better basketball team," Kahn said in a statement.

To his credit, Rambis -- who was in his first head coaching job -- didn't gripe about inheriting a bad situation from former coach and general manager Kevin McHale. McHale leaving the Wolves in ruins was actually the second time he cheap-shotted Rambis.

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For the moment, the T-Wolves have no coach, and, with the players and owners locked out, no league. Oh well, there's always the year after next year.


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Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Ugh, I wish they wouldn't have fired him yet.   I would have made idiot ass clown Kurt Rambis stand in front of Target Center dressed as the Statue of Liberty dancing to attract ticket buyers.   No amount of suffering is enough for Rambis.  Nothing annoys me more than an idiot head coach that won't change his system to fit his talent.   


"maybe Rambis bought a bunch of chairs for the locker room."

Um, speaking of cheap shots...


What about Sam Mitchell to replace Rambis? Seems like an obvious choice, no? Didnt he win coach of the year a while back while in Toronto? Im glad we didnt get Bernie. He is way too old to relate to the young arrogant players on our team.


Nothing annoys me more than idiot GM thats drafts 3 points guards in the 1st round of the same draft.


I just read some where else that the rockets scooped up JB not his dad Bernie.

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