Michael Andrist is a bad driver (PHOTOS)

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Sunday marked the 11th time Andrist was arrested for DWI.
Michael Andrist was pulled over for driving while intoxicated on Sunday, his pickup seen bouncing in and out of the ditch at 70 mph on Highway 52.  

After struggling to identify where he was or what was going on, Andrist eventually told police that he'd injected himself with bath salts.

Andrist had already been convicted of 10 DWIs at the time of his arrest.  His first occurred in 1989.

Here's a look back through Andrist's mug shots that display what is certainly a sad tale of substance abuse. Through the years, Andrist's mug shots show him with less and less hair on his head, and more shame in his eyes.
Slideshow: Michael Andrist mugshots: Arrested 11 times for DWI


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