Michele Bachmann's police record, including the lesbian bathroom incident

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Bachmann calls the cops as often as most people order pizza.
Michele Bachmann's public paranoia isn't much different from what she's like in private.

The Miami Herald has exposed a history of police calls and requests Bachmann has made, including the infamous case, explored in detail, of Bachmann's being held in a bathroom against her will by a nun and a lesbian.

Bachmann or her staff have made seven other police reports. Most recently, Bachmann took the June 18 incident where she got glitter-bombed as such a threat that she alerted Capitol Police.  

Michele Bachmann, an ex-nun, and a lesbian walk into a bathroom sounds like the first line of a joke, but it's actually very real, as documented by an April 2005 police report and interviews with those involved, the Herald's story shows.

As a state senator in April 2005, Bachmann held a public meeting at Scandia City Hall. When the topic of a gay marriage ban came up, Bachmann ended the meeting and made for the bathroom. Nancy Cosgriff, a former nun who had been trying to talk to Bachmann, followed her in to continue the conversation.

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Normally, she seems so calm and reasonable.
Another woman, Pamela Arnold, who happened to be a lesbian but tells the Herald she had a question about education, also followed Bachmann into the bathroom.

At that point, Bachmann began shouting that she needed to leave, and then calling for help. Cosgriff told the Herald she couldn't understand Bachmann's reaction:

"I was amazed and concerned when she erupted in this emotional outburst without provocation... I tried to apologize for any misunderstanding."
But apologies from a nun are not enough. Bachmann filed a police report for "possible false imprisonment."

Another police alert came after Bachmann got an e-mail earlier this year from constituent Brad Trandem of Lakeland. Trandem's short e-mail ended with the line, "I would also keep a little closer tabs on the dear hubby if I were you." Coming shortly after Gabrielle Giffords's shooting, the e-mail was forwarded by Bachmann's office to the Capitol Police, labeled as a "threat."

Trandem told the Herald he didn't mean anything threatening, and said that Bachmann is paranoid, and hypocritical, for using threatening language.

"She does all this criticism of other people's lives and talks about how people should be 'armed and dangerous.' But then someone says something critical about her and she calls the police."
Bachmann's record of police reports also includes when her house was egged, twice, in 2007 and when her campaign yard signs were stolen in 2002. And, as mentioned, her staff felt it necessary to alert Capitol Police that Bachmann had been glitter-bombed in June.

As the Herald notes, not a single arrest has been made after any of Bachmann's reports.


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Mn Voter
Mn Voter

I'm sure the former Nun - Nancy Cosgriff was wearing her old habit so that MB knew she was a former nun. Pamela Arnold, who happened to be a lesbian also followed MB into the bathroom. Obviously neither had good manners. I actually followed Walter Mondale into the bathroom (accidently) and had the Secret Service all over me. Give me a break! And filing a report is the recommendation of the Capital Police so they are aware of possible threats.

Brad Trandem mentioning MB's husband is either ignorant or actually an intentional threat.   I hope Mike Mullen keeps an eye out for his wife, significant other and/or children? Brad Trandem or Jared Lee Loughner - how the hell does anyone know they are not the same type of person (nutz).


Who follows strangers into the bathroom to talk to them?  Only a psycho would do that.  They should've been arrested.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

When I lived in Minneapolis there was this crazy homeless person who would shout crazy things that had no basis in reality.   This crazy homeless person would call the cops all the time and accuse random people of crimes that had no basis in reality.    I would think; "that's sad, I hope that person gets some help someday so they can be a more functional member of society."    Republicans must have looked at that wild eyed lunatic and thought:  "this person should be the President of the United States and have access to nuclear weapons."   

Mn Voter:   you are such a loser.  you are making excuses for a woman who constantly bothers the cops for nonsense reasons. ( 0 arrests)  If you are so terrified of a former nun that you need to call the cops, you shouldn't be President.   How much more proof do you need this idiot is completely unstable?  This is obvious to anyone with an IQ over 50 dude. 


Women do that, babes.


Yeah, seriously.  Chicks don't think twice about carrying on a conversation in the bathroom.

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