Millionaire Robert M. Lee, 83, admits groping paramedic on MN-bound private jet

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Robert M. Lee, gentleman millionaire.
He owned the private jet winging its way from Reno to a Rochester hospital, so 83-year-old millionaire Robert M.Lee must have figured he could treat the paramedic flying with him like a piece of property too.

"I can do whatever I want," he told the nurse, who complained after he grabbed her by the nipple and twisted, according to court documents. "It's my airplane."

Then he suggested she wear a scoop-neck shirt on the next flight to give his hands easier access.

What a gentleman.

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Admitted groper Robert M. Lee, pictured here with his wife in an NRA ad, says he loves the Constitution and the American way of life.
Lee is a big-game hunter who's been featured in NRA ads with his wife, Ann Brockington Lee. He's parlayed an exotic safari and luggage business into a fortune big enough to collect Faberge eggs.

Manners and decency? Not so much. It sounds like he treats his classic cars with more respect than he treated that paramedic.

And now he's admitted his guilt in the creepy assault that happened last September aboard the Gulfstream jet. Sentencing hasn't been scheduled yet, but the high-flying Lee faces as much as six months behind bars and a $5,000 fine -- which one assumes his accountants can pay out of the petty cash drawer.

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