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The person wearing this shirt is now 50 percent more gay.
Minneapolist-St. Paul might rate as the gayest metro area in the country in acceptance and lifestyle, but that doesn't mean much if there aren't actually gay couples enjoying the gay-friendliness.

Turns out, there are. Minnesota's number of gay couples rose 50 percent over the last decade, according to numbers released this morning by the U.S. Census Bureau. The census found 13,718 gay couples in the state in 2010, accounting for 1 percent of all couples living together, according to the Star Tribune. 

Don't worry straight Minnesotans. We should be safe as long as we never, ever let those gay couples already living together get married.

Not only are the gays multiplying, they're spreading out: Minneapolis is still home to a quarter of the state's gay couples, but Golden Valley actually has the highest per capita concentration of gay couples, the Star Tribune reports.

The numbers also show that Minneapolis probably deserves it's "most gay-friendly" title. Not every major metro's data is out, but so far Hennepin County is about even in its concentration of gay couples as Sonoma County -- which is the second-gayest county in California, the gayest state.

Among the factors that could be leading to the increase is openness -- in the past gay couples might not have wanted to out themselves. Now, they might feel like they can tell some kid with a clipboard, "Yes, we're having sex in this house," without feeling like J. Edgar Hoover's ghost is listening in on the conversation.

Gary Gates, a professor at UCLA who studies gay demographics, told the Star Tribune progressive hubs no longer need to be the gay magnets they once were.

"And across the country, the growth in [same-sex partner] numbers is more prominent in the more conservative places -- places where people are more willing to report themselves as gay these days than in the past."

You hear that, bigots? They're coming for you, and there's nowhere to hide.


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If it is MN so about equality....Why isn't there domestic partnership, civil unions, or marriage for the lgbt folks.  And by the way, why were state workers benefits taken away by Tim Pawlenty as soon as he got into office(granted by Jesse Ventura).  Oh yeah, the whole medical decisions/funeral decisions too. Why are they trying to pass a constitutional amendment in 2012 against ssm?  Oh yeah, forgot what about that whole disgusting cowardly bullying law for AnokaHennepin and the rest of the schools in the state.  I will tell you why.  Mn wants the country to believe they are socially liberal and progressive, but behind the lgbt peoples backs they vote against you. They put their heads in the sand that any bullying, bigotry, inequality, or racism is in their state.  When in fact, it is..... 


Face it:  someone you know, someone in your very neighborhood, is utterly fabulous.

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