President O'Bachmann won't use a Teleprompter [VIDEO]

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President O'Bachmann has a nice ring to it.
Michelle Bachmann managed to confuse herself with Barack Obama while claiming that she would be a different president than Barack Obama on Monday afternoon.

"I know you're not used to seeing a president without Teleprompters," she told an Iowa crowd. "But I'm just here to tell you President O'Bach -- President Bachmann will not have teleprompters in the White House."

This flub is hilariously ironic: You sure you don't need a Teleprompter, Mrs. O'Bachmann?

This may be the dumbest thing Bachmann has said on tape since she mispronounced "chutzpah."


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She needn't worry. I am under the impression that teleprompter service is not offered as part of the White House public tour.


Darn those teleprompters!  They make her look in the wrong direction!  Then fewer people are turned to stone.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

There is nothing more important in America today than ending the use of teleprompters.   God bless you Michele.

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