Scott Whitcomb, former DEA employee, sentenced to 25 years for child pornography

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Whitcomb got near the maximum sentence for his crime.
Scott Whitcomb, a former police officer and employee with the Drug Enforcement Agency, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the production of child pornography.

Whitcomb, 48, was arrested in December after he was caught by police in an undercover online operation. In April, he pleaded guilty to the charges against him, admitting he'd produced videos that featured three boys younger than 16 years old.

Whitcomb, who lived in Zimmerman, carried out his crimes from April 2007 until his arrest. Whitcomb lured the three boys to his house with video games, porn magazines, and videos, according to the Star Tribune. If the boys didn't cooperate, Whitcomb could turn violent.

When Whitcomb was arrested, the DEA confirmed that he had been in an administrative role since 2007, and before that had been a U.S. Air Marshal and a prison guard.

At his sentencing hearing, Whitcomb apologized and hoped for compassion from the family, the Star Tribune reports.

"I am deeply and truly sorry for what I have done," Whitcomb said told the judge. "I also hope that maybe, someday, they'll be able to forgive me."

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And yet you people want police states.


he isnt even the first DEA agent to go down for a crime like this, its disgusting that these guys are out there sending people to jail for near life sentences when dealing marijuana and then they go home and download/create child porn. absolutely disgusting

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