State workers won't get back-pay after shutdown

State workers can't get back-pay like they did in 2005.
Friday is the last scheduled payday for the 22,000 state workers who are laid off until the state government agrees on a budget.

But even when -- if? -- Mark Dayton and the Republicans iron things out, there's not a dime of back-pay coming to those state employees. Starting next week, their only option is to apply for unemployment benefits.

One legislator has an idea to balance the pain between state workers and legislators, most of whom are still getting paid. But for now, state employees will have to suffer alone.

The workers' situation is a result of the last collective bargaining agreements the public employee unions -- the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees -- signed with the state, according to KSTP.

Under those conditions, the employees aren't due for back-pay after the shutdown ends. After the 2005 shutdown, which lasted nine days, 9,000 state employees were awarded 50 percent back-pay for the time lost. 

State Rep. and all-around tough guy Tony Cornish wants to force legislators into a similar deal. Cornish, a Republican from Good Thunder, is the author of a new bill that would cut off legislators' pay, and a handful of their sweet benefits, if the state is ever in a shutdown again.

Cornish is one of the legislators who's not taking a check until the state is up and running again. He told WCCO that if he can't get the bill into this year's session, he'll bring it up again in 2012.

Next time, legislators could be under threat of living without a paycheck. Or they could just behave like a normal state, and agree on a budget.


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unfortunately minnesotan
unfortunately minnesotan

So.... state workers have to continue to work without pay while officials get a paid vacation? I guess Minnesotans only have themselves to blame for voting in these a**holes.

Mn Voter
Mn Voter

First thing to pop into my mind this morning is: "How can they file for unemployment if the state is shut down?"

The repubs wanted to road trip with Dayton who refused to talk with them unless they accept his additiional $1,500,000,000 in spending or 375 dollars per person in Minnesota. The repubs offered a "lights on" bill which Dayton also refuses. Maybe Dayton will take his own tax-free bonds from the dakota's and pay the laid off workers.

As far as I'm concerned the sooner these laid off workers find jobs in the private sector the better. North Dakota has 15,000 job openings for people that want work because they are drilling for oil and heading to #2 in the nation for oil production. There are 11,000 peach picking jobs in Georgia - right now. No New Taxes and No Back Pay!

Trogar the Horrible
Trogar the Horrible

Very true sir or madame, hopefully your observation is noted by morons on here who refuse to accept responsibility, put up with lunacy, and have no vision of the long term.


The Minnesota unemployment office was determined to be a crucial service that is still operating, much like a selection of other services. 

While I'll look past the possibility of answering your own question by spending less time searching for an answer, I do have to comment on the lunacy of mentioning jobs drilling for oil or picking peaches.

Just how many state workers do you think would be suitable for a position drilling for oil or picking peaches?  You bring up an unskilled labor position that is quickly becoming necessary only because of increased enforcement with illegal immigration, and another that offers mostly unskilled positions, with a small amount of highly skilled and educated positions that again, the vast majority of those without a job would not even be able to secure an interview.

Let's also ignore the fact they are in different states.  Even a person who is only renting an apartment would be hard pressed to secure a job in a different state, and would be a fool to do it for something they are likely to take a fifty percent paycut.

Still, you say this with the "people that want work" nonsense.

Are you crazy?


Yeah, all those middle-age assholes who were getting fat on the government tit need to just suck it up, uproot their lives and families, and start new careers as untrained help on an oil derrick or as minimum-wage peach pickers! God, why can't these greedy, cancerous, repugnantly middle-class lesions on the face of America see that the only way that we can fix this country is if they sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice so that the bankers and the politicians can cut taxes enough to summon Ronald Reagan back from the Moon to fix all that is wrong with America?!

Trogar the Horrible
Trogar the Horrible

Are many state employees skilledd? Those oil drilling positions pay well, especially relative to the cost of living. ND's quality of life isn't bad either, just really, really boring.

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