Tim Pawlenty loves God, but not enough to sign Iowa marriage pledge [VIDEO]

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pawlenty mary ad smiling.png
The Pawlentys smile at each other, a lot, in his new ad.
Tim Pawlenty won't sign the FAMiLY LEADER's pro-marriage, pro-slavery and anti-porn pledge, but not because he doesn't agree with them. 

"I prefer to choose my own words," Pawlenty said in a statement, explaining why he wouldn't sign the pledge that brought so much heat to Michele Bachmann last week. By his "own words," Pawlenty means his dramatic Youtube commercials, and today he released another winner.

In "Aspirations of a President," T-Paw comes out against abortion and gay marriage, and says America was founded as a Christian country.

"I love this country, and I know it was founded under God," Pawlenty says.

The ad features a big contribution from his wife Mary, whom Pawlenty says "introduced me to the Lord." Mary, a former judge, comes off pretty well, as far as candidate spouses go -- we probably won't hear Marcus Bachmann quoting Ben Franklin any time soon.

The Pawlentys spend a lot of time smiling at each other. It seems like nothing makes them happier than watching each other talk about God.

Other notable images that flash by the screen include an American flag waving in super slow motion, and a baby, who is apparently a big Pawlenty supporter.

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One cannot be a republican and a christian.  One cannot tow the party line without ignoring the New Testament.  It's that simple.


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