Timothy Eugene Peterson, knife-wielding "soul collector," will plead guilty

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Timothy Pearson, soul man.
Maybe Timothy Eugene Peterson had the Grim Reaper in mind when he came after neighbor Ivan "Skip" Mallas with a knife, uttering some weird gibberish about being a "soul collector."

Or maybe he thought he was an extra in a George Romero movie.

But in reality, Peterson was just a lousy butcher. All he's going to get out of the Jan. 9 attack is a prison sentence.

The Fergus Falls man is due in Otter Tail County District Court today to plead guilty to assault.

Mallas says Peterson called himself a "medicine man" the night when he knocked on Mallas's door. "He told me he was gonna kill me," Mallas said at the time. "I asked him 'Why?'

Grim Reaper, actual soul collector.
Jabbing a knife into the floor, Peterson began chanting.
"I have come to collect your soul. I own it, I am a soul collector, I want a souvenir."

A bloody fight ensued. At various times, Peterson tried to hack off Mallas's toes and scalp, slit his throat, and stab him. At one point, Mallas was able to grab the knife -- by the blade. And then Peterson just backed off, and walked home in the dark winter night.

The cops caught him after following a trail of blood in the snow to his house, where he was sitting alone on his couch, covered in blood, next to the knife. Yes, he said, he'd been over at the Mallas residence. But they were just wrestling.

Peterson faces a minimum of seven years behind bars.


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Is it Pearson or Peterson? 

I'll bet he was into the series "Dead Like Me".


Legal system my butt.  The problem isn't the legal system, it's our nonexistent, eviscerated mental health system. This man was clearly nuts, and needed to be in treatment.  Instead we wait til he nearly kills someone, then lock him up - just like that stupid kid who shot the Iowa store clerks after years and years of clearly sociopathic behavior.

This is the cost of not having a mental health system. And the effect is to make mental illness a felony, and a very costly one to society.


Seven years, ....seven years - and people think our legal system is not working?  This guy tried to kill someone - that's attempted murder!!!

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