Twin Cities among America's most active

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We'll do anything for exercise. We'll even run in Snowmageddon.
The Twin Cities may not be home to the most exercise junkies in the country. That title goes to Seattle. Nor do we habour the greatest number of layabouts. Lexington takes the cake there.

But according to Men's Health magazine, Minneapolis and St. Paul rank No. 10 among America's fittest cities.

We probably could have placed even higher, but our polite Minnesota Nice ways prevented us from upstaging everyone and drawing too much attention to ourselves. Also, we eat too many cheese curds and spend half the year cloaked in sub-zero darkness.

But we're crazy for exercise, that's for sure.

Rowing is excellent exercise.
We're nuts about bikes.

Thirteen of Clubs
Desperate-to pedal Minnesotans will do anything to crank some gears.
And everyone loves to run.

Hart Van Denburg
A pleasant jog around Lake of the Isles
The magazine measured all manner of indicators, everything from the number of gym rats to video game addicts, to come up with the list. They even looked at which cities had the highest number of diagnosed blood clots in the legs -- a sure sign of people who need to get off their butt and get moving.

Here's the Top 10 fitness freak cities:

1 Seattle, WA
2 San Francisco, CA
3 Oakland, CA
4 Washington, DC
5 Salt Lake City, UT
6 Reno, NV
7 Portland, ME
8 Atlanta, GA
9 Denver, CO
10 Minneapolis, MN

Here's where the laziest slobs live.

91 Birmingham, AL
92 Laredo, TX
93 Nashville, TN
94 Little Rock, AR
95 Tulsa, OK
96 Oklahoma City, OK
97 Charleston, WV
98 Jackson, MS
99 Indianapolis, IN
100 Lexington, KY

Now get out there and sweat.

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