Wisconsin state employee stabs protester's balloon with knife, cuts own hand

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The man stabbing the balloon accidentally stabbed himself.
A Wisconsin protester was posing with a heart-shaped balloon at the state Capitol yesterday afternoon when a state employee walked over and began "stabbing" her balloon, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

That's one way to break up a demonstration.

Unfortunately, the man got a bit carried away and by the end of the incident, he was bleeding.

Leslie Peterson is part of a group of protesters who have been coming down to the state Capitol in protest of Governor Scott Walker's anti-union regime. The group eats lunch under the dome and sings "Solidarity Forever," then unleashes heart-shaped balloons into the building.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, one of the ballons was stuck in the Capitol Rotunda for months, and was recently picked up by the Wisconsin Historical Society for a future exhibition on Governor Walker.

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Scott Walker has not been charged for his role in the balloonicide.

Petersen told the press that the state employee, who has not been publicly named, "was stabbing the balloon" on the ground.

When she asked the employee for his name and went to pick up the "carcass," he shoved her into a door.

Protesters claim to have seen him accidentally stab his own hand. The employee bled all over, leaving blood outside the state Supreme Court and in the East Wing of the Capitol.

But a Wisconsin Department of Administration spokesperson told the Journal that he claimed to have "slipped on the stairs and cut his hand" before stabbing the balloon.

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The Wall
The Wall

Temporary Governor Scott Walker's shallow regime brought down by balloons and painter's tape. This narrow ideology cannot successfully govern a state as diverse as Wisconsin. Forcing their dramatic shifts in policy does not change the diverse needs of the people.  Recall and Un-Republican this nation.


And I thought our news channel was a rag, this is worse than ours.


The irony is a state employee threatening one of the people protesting to protect his rights. A bit of Stockholm syndrome?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

City Pages should have reported the blood alcohol content for Dr. Stabby.    I'm guessing since it is Wisconsin and it was in the afternoon I'm going to guess 0.16 for the stabber. 


sometimes I wish the internet didn't exist so that I wouldn't have to hear about every stupid thing that every moron on the planet does and then make some stupid, pointless comment about it below the stupid thing that I read. Ugh...thanks technology!

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