Porn, sex toy company Adam & Eve sponsoring chair for University of Minnesota

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Sex toy company Adam & Eve is giving the University of Minnesota an endowed chair.

Wait, let's rephrase that. Adam & Eve, a company that specializes in pornographic movies and sexual aids, is helping University of Minnesota administrators with a certain position.

Sorry, once more. Adam & Eve is giving tens of thousands of dollars to the U, to help sponsor the Joycelyn Elders Chair in Sexual Health Education at the University of Minnesota Medical School. There, that's better.

The chair, named for former U of M Medical School intern Jocelyn Elders -- the U.S. Surgeon general for  Bill Clinton who was forced to resign after saying sex education should encourage masturbation as a healthy activity -- will receive around $50,000 from Adam & Eve, which touts itself as a longtime proponent of safe sex practices, according to the Star Tribune.

The one-of-a-kind faculty spot, which also received more than $2 million from 274 less-interesting donors, will open in five years.
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Adam & Eve marketing director Chad Davis told the Star Tribune the donation was right in line with the original intent of the company when it was founded in 1970.

"We support sexual health education,"  Davis said. "That's how we started, distributing condoms. We believe in safe sex and people being educated about safe sex practices."

Eli Coleman, the director of the Program in Human Sexuality at the Medical School explains in the company's press release that, thanks to the faculty chair, the program "will be able to continue its success in educating medical professionals, human sexuality research, providing clinical care, and advocating for science-based public policy."

"We are very pleased with the support from Adam and Eve," Coleman said.

The U's not the only ones pleased by support from Adam & Eve. The same press release claims 10 million "satisfied customers and 40 years of experience," which is enough to make Charlie Sheen jealous.

Thanks to fine products like Kayden's Frosted Ice Silicone Backdoor Buddy -- pictured, left -- the U of M will soon have a new faculty chair -- though you might want to check it before you sit down.

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I find it hard to believe that you only had one post deleted Kirk. After all, you're a terrible person who makes fun of the dead children. I know this because you need to hate gay Republicans, but you still have to harass them when you killerotic game

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Ha! The Citypages writer sorts through all the sex toys to show a photo of "Kayden's Frosted Ice Silicone Backdoor Buddy"Wink wink, a little insight into your lonely life Mike?

Now if we could only set up a porn studio on campus to help the disadvantaged coeds pay for them greedy teachers and the "out of control" tuition costs.

I'm hosting "tryouts" at my house starting this upcoming weekend

Rick B
Rick B

And this is negative, why?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Reporters don't have the reputation of being weird closet cases kirk, that belongs exclusively in the conservative Republican realm.   Much like Larry Craig, Marcus Bachmann, and George Rekers you say incredibly homophobic and hateful things about gay men constantly.    Everyone that reads City Pages knows you really take joy in making fun of dead children who might have committed suicide because of bullies like you.     What other explanation would explain your hate kirk if not deep seeded sexual repression?   I bet its so hard not admitting your attraction to other men that you have to release your rage in childish hateful rants.     What other explanation could there be for your outright hatred for people that have zero effect on your life?    How wide is your stance kirk?

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Wow, you're especially hostile towards me today!

So you say; "What other explanation could there be for your outright hatred for people that have zero effect on your life"

Well, it also appears you have "outright hatred for people" and their comments, like mine.Do I impact your life Michelle?So per your indicators, you also appear to have a lot of "deep seeded sexual repression" and thus present much "outright hatred" for me and conservatives like me.

anyhowHey, you best watch yourself Michelle.   Citypages just deleted my first comment today, and sent me a "warning".   3+ years of placing liberals heads on a t-ball post and knocking that empty skull out of the park.So I get a comment deleted today?So much for "free speech" at CPMy deleted comment had NO impact on anyone's life, and mentioned NO one in particular.What gives?   Ah the Citypages censorship....

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

I find it hard to believe you've only had one post deleted kirk.  After all you are the sort of terrible person that makes fun of dead children.   I know as a Republican you are required to hate gay people but do you still have to bully them when they kill themselves?  

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