Bachmann first in Rasmussen poll with 22%, Pawlenty gets half that

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Michele Bachmann's got twice as many voters as Pawlenty... and a lot more money.
Michele Bachmann has a narrow lead among Iowa Republicans heading into this weekend's Ames Straw Poll, according to Rasmussen Reports.

Bachmann came in with 22 percent of Iowans, barely ahead of Mitt Romney's 21 percent. Those numbers show little movement from an early July poll by the Iowa Republican, which had Bachmann ahead of Romney 25-21.

Tim Pawlenty, with 11 percent support, is running fifth in the same poll,  trailing Ron Paul and Texas hair style Rick Perry, who still hasn't even declared his candidacy.

None of the numbers are solid, though. Almost 72 percent of those polled said they weren't sure who they'd support in the Ames Straw Poll, which will be held on Saturday and will be the first definitive result on the real Republican frontrunners. 

The Rasmussen poll is a valuable insight into voters' mindset, but that unsure 72 percent could still be swayed by a Fox News-hosted debate on Thursday night.

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Michele Bachmann, "Queen of Rage," Queen of Iowa.
Even Republicans who didn't pick Bachmann like her: She's got the highest approval rating in Iowa, 70 percent, of any candidate in the entire field, and 37 percent have a "Very Favorable" view of Bachmann. No other candidate came in above 20 percent in the "Very Favorable" category.

Pawlenty's actually third in the "Favorable" category, at 61 percent, just behind Romney's 62 percent rating.

Ron Paul's support is the least solidly Republican, with 51 percent of his potential voters saying they  wouldn't vote for another Republican candidate, and 15 percent saying they'd rather vote for Barack Obama.

On the national level, Bachmann is trailing both Romney -- who polls at 22 percent among Republicans -- and Perry (18 percent) at 16 percent.

The Bachmann-Romney split is one pitting upstart Republicans against the establishment. About 34 of the Iowans polled described themselves as "Tea Party" Republicans, and a majority of them chose Bachmann. More mainstream, non-Tea Party Republicans are choosing Romney.


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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Well duh!Tim has shown us that he will get in bed with whatever is popular.  Good policy, bad policy; sell the soul, to buy a vote.Michele has been hammering the same message since I can remember.  You call her "crazy, scary, nuts, a lunatic, etc." and yet she gets louder and more pronounced.  Much like myself up in here.  You call me names, and give blanket statements to discredit me.  Meanwhile, some of you, with all your "expertise" in what would make the world a better place, forgot to check the basics.   This "fire blanket" in which you have thrown, turned out to be highly combustible.  Fanning and feeding the flames by spewing socialist talking points.  And when asked how to fix past mistakes, the answer is always the same.  "More of the same" you say.  "except BIGGER and More of it", while proclaiming it's the "right course."  And time after time, failure is eminent; history has shown just that.   But hey, liberals have an answer for that also.  "See even with all our liberal expertise, and us liberals being surrounded by the brightest minds; we liberals could not foresee and we underestimated the extent of the damage we inherited".

Integrity is where it's at.  No ones perfect or right all the time.

But watch for the ones who graciously step into the line of fire.  These are the ones who will kill their own political careers for love of country.  These are the leaders to follow into battle because they never blame the moon or the stars for the results of their actions.

Obama is like the captain of a ship that's sinking.  Blame the torpedo, and commander the first life boat.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Noticed you didn't join in with your fellow tea party patriots on the article about black people assaulting white people at the Wisconsin State Fair.   I've never seen an article get over 200 comments but it just shows how much conservatives love a story where they can call black people violent racists.    Why don't you join in with the other tea party members when they lumped all black people into the same boat?  As a black man kirk aren't you scared of helping racists?   Go read all those comments kirk, conservatives seem pretty sure all you black guys are the same.   I always gotta wonder just how dumb you are to be on the same side as people like that.   Black conservatives need to stop being ostriches and look around at today's Republican party.   If you are too afraid to teach your fellow conservatives something then don't be surprised when you start seeing more and more white sheets at the Tea Party rally. 

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I was first on that point.  I pointed out that these attacks are clearly "hate crimes".  Unfortunately the judicial system is spineless, and thus this WILL NOT be prosecuted as such.  The DOJ will not mandate the upping of charges to local officials because of fear that "black community organizers" (like the former obama) will accuse them of slander of the black race.  They just gave a perfect example of this.  The black panthers were not charged when they dressed in 3 world military fatigues, and intimidated people at a Philly polling place.  All on video, and everyone that saw the video thought it was wrong because it resembles methods of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

We TEA Party are changing the Republican Party!  In the near future we will become one, or we will form a third party.  that will be the Republicans biggest fear, because we would most resemble them, and thus take votes from them.  Same reason the "Green Party" gets little credibility on it's own.  Instead it works through the Democrat party to avoid splitting the vote.  In my district, we ousted the Four term incumbent Republican in that seat due to voting record. They took on the "moderate" & "compromise" trick the liberal elites put out.  "Come our way, and we can all be friends".  Many Republicans fell for the manipulative methods of psychological warfare.  The media receives their chanting directives from the Democrat messaging gurus.  This is easy to spot.  Some of the current ones being "terrorist" in reference to the TEA Party.   Didn't the Democrat Party and the President give out a "call for civility" after the Arizona shootings? I told people this was them telling you how you should act, and they would be the first to break their own guidelines.  The liberal media and most of the democrat party REFUSES to use some words even when reporting on a suicide bomber praising Allah before exciting his mission.   "It's unfair to the majority of Muslims they say."   Some days if you time it right, you can flip through all of our local news stations (4,5,9,11) and catch the same reporting, same viewpoint, same coined words, on all.  Some days it's like walking into a cuckoo clock store an noon.  Either it's a directive by the puppet master to stay on some predetermined message (collective group think), or it's a sign of wide spread plagiarism in article writing by the networks.Funny, no writers are crying foul for not receiving compensating.  Uncanny resemblance and no credit given, Hmmm... 

You should come to a TEA Party meeting some time.  Meet the BLACK MAN who is the president and coordinator of Minnesota's "North Star Tea Party Patriots".   Google: "walter hudson tea party"Yep, just another black community organizer, setting the course of direction for "racist white people"? Hopefully you will leave with an understanding that everything you have been brainwashed into believing about the TEA Party, is a lie.   This bigoted stereo type of the TEA Party is a liberal trick, and it's making all of you who believe it, and profess it as truth, look like fools. Here is another clue your being tricked.How many reporters have you seen, form these same local news stations, hit the street and get actual opinions from TEA Party members?  Well, they must want to mold your mind with a nefarious goal.  It's either that or they feel you are far to stupid to think for yourself.  They NEED to tell you what the TEA Party thinks, while suppressing the actual TEA Party thoughts. Classic Alinsky demonization.   (pick it, freeze it, polarize it)

Hey MB, lets use your method of logic.  You say: "Black conservatives need to stop being ostriches and look around at today's Republican party."  So now the critical thinking directive is set, riddle me this-Didn't the democrat party go to war to keep ownership of their slaves?Republicans officially freed all slaves in the civil war.Didn't the democrat party oppose the civil right moment of the 50's and 60's?Didn't Bill Clinton say in a ullagy that, beloved 60 year serving democrat "Robert Bird NEEDED to join and recruit for the KKK to gain the support of voters in his area"Yes indeed, Bill Clinton praised a guy who RECRUITED for the KKK.   What a great guy, Bill said.

So with those little historical facts; your critical thinking directive must lead you to beleive say NO person of color should ever listen to the democrat political machine.  Oh wait, The Democrats are always trying to buy our love and votes.  My grandmother remembers this period well, and I have asked of her; "so how did it feel to sell out"?

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