Bradlee Dean on Andy Birkey: "He is trying to make me the biggest villain known to mankind"

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Andy Birkey is being sued by Bradley Smith
Heavy metal pastor Bradley Dean Smith is at war with Minnesota Independent reporter Andy Birkey.

Last week, Smith (a.k.a Bradlee Dean) filed a lawsuit against Birkey and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, accusing them of taking an excerpt from his radio show out of context and defaming him by making it seem like he advocated the execution of homosexuals, something Smith says he doesn't condone.

Two weeks before Smith filed the suit, he lamented the media coverage of his ministry in an interview with City Pages for our July 13 cover story, The Benediction of Bradlee Dean. Smith complained about a years-long contentious relationship with Birkey -- and the reporter's role in the conspiratorial "gay agenda."

Smith announced his lawsuit at a press conference last week.
As Smith told it, much of his frustration with Birkey comes from the Minnesota Independent's coverage of his ministry's annual gala.

"He is trying to make me the biggest villain known to mankind," Smith said. "Every year, he'll call me and say, 'Can I come to your gala.' And the first couple years I said, 'Come on out.'"

When talking about Birkey, Smith repeatedly returned to the subject of the reporter's sexual orientation. Smith talked interchangeably about Birkey and the "homosexual community." He also described a time he confronted Birkey: "I said, 'Tell the homosexuals that we're called to love on you!'"

When that method didn't work, Smith said, he stopped taking Birkey's calls.

"I can't even answer the guy anymore," said Smith. "And the reason I don't answer him, because no matter what I say, I already see what he's going for."

Smith seems to believe that a gay media mafia of sorts is responsible for the bad reception he had gotten in some quarters.

"Who has it been from since Day One?" said Smith. "It's the gay agenda. And 90 percent of it is the gay agenda."

The "gay rights movement" is a term that comes up frequently in Smith's lawsuit. Smith alleges that because Birkey is gay, he has a vendetta against evangelical Christians such as Michele Bachmann.

Because of the pending litigation, both Birkey and the Minnesota Independent declined to comment beyond a statement released last week calling the lawsuit baseless and denying Birkey served any "special interests" in his reporting.

"We are confident that the courts will agree that this lawsuit is completely frivolous and is a blatant attempt to chill freedom of the press," reads the statement.

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    dean took himself out of context when he responded to Maddow.


    "Smith alleges that because Birkey is gay, he has a vendetta against evangelical Christians such as Michele Bachmann."

    Looks like Bradlee Dean is made for politics.  This is textbook strategy- accuse your target of targeting YOU.  The truth is, there are evangelical Christians who SEEK OUT this sort of thing.  People with persecution complexes are often devoutly religious and many of them revel in feeling like people are "out to get them".  In some way, it makes them feel like their beliefs are vindicated.  It doesn't help that they take the passages in the Bible about "the world will hate you" far too literally and personally.

    Bradlee Dean NEEDS to feel attacked and I believe he actively (though possibly sub-consciously) attempts to evoke negative reactions from people.  If it wasn't gay people, it would be someone else- Catholics, maybe, like Bachmann and WELS?


    His lawsuits are entirely frivolous and I hope each judge penalizes him accordingly.  There's a price to be paid for wasting everyone's time.


    Come out of the closet, Bradlee, Then you can get the attention you crave.

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