Brock Lesnar is back from diverticulitis and ready to fight in UFC [VIDEO]

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Brock Lesnar won't be allowed to bring the gun with him into the UFC Octagon.
Brock Lesnar survived diverticulitis surgery and is ready to return to the UFC to fight for the heavyweight belt, according to a bizarre and unexpected new video released today.

The video, released by Lesnar sponsor Fusion Ammunition, begins with Brock wielding a massive machine gun and announcing that he's back. Later in the video, Brock pronounces that he's 100% healthy and ready to fight.

"What's new in the life of Brock Lesnar? Well, recently I went under the knife and had surgery for my diverticulitis. I feel like a new man, I feel great, healthy, strong - I feel like I used to feel."

The video shows Lesnar hunting for prairie dogs with high caliber weapons. Presumably his next opponent in the Octagon will be a fairer match.

Brock is slated to make an official announcement on his Twitter feed later today.


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