Herbert House, bus pervert, preyed on a different disabled woman

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Herbert House copycatted his own crime.
Herbert House, the 22-year-old man who forced a disabled woman to give him oral sex while riding the bus in February, did almost the exact same thing in August 2010.

House, who's already serving five years for the first crime, was charged Tuesday with third-degree criminal sexual assault for an incident last year in which he unzipped a disabled woman's pants and violated her with his finger.

When the woman got off the bus to escape from House, he followed her, eventually pinning her up against a wall and attempting to rape her right there on a street in St. Paul, according to a complaint filed by the Ramsey County Attorney's office.

The incident ended when House noticed a man across the street was watching and ran away, but had progressed to the point that he left a semen sample, which has since been proven to match his DNA.

In the February incident, which also occurred on a No. 64 bus through St. Paul, House coerced a woman with Down syndrome to give him oral sex. When police confronted House about the incident, he admitted the woman had come onto him, and thought she probably had Down syndrome, but couldn't confirm or deny whether the oral sex had happened.

House was, he told police, in "the zone" at the time. In May, House pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sexual assault for that crime, and received a five year sentence.

House's lawyer pleaded for less time behind bars, but the judge refused. Looks like the judge was right.

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Horrible  how disabled was she to be alone on a bus? I wonder if she really understood about what she did? no one was om the bus to prevent this?  He should get 10 yrs dang prevert. .

Kitty Glitter
Kitty Glitter

So how do they know the girl wasn't into it?  I mean all girls need to be coerced.  That's what the whole bar scene and dating scene is about. 


Coerce: to compel by force, intimidation, or authority, especially without regard for individual desire or volition; to dominate or control, especially by exploiting fear, anxiety, etc. 

The bar and dating scene is about attraction and persuasion, not coercion. The point is trying to APPEAL to the other person's free will, instead of trying to override it.

If you try to get with someone by force, against their will, then you're as bad as he is. 

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