John Boehner's ritzy Minnesota golf fundraiser: Is it even happening? [UPDATE]

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U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner will have lunch with you for $1,000. Maybe.
Will John Boehner be hitting the fairway with mega-rich donors in Wayzata today?


Minnesota Public Radio obtained a copy of an invite last week to a Boehner fundraiser scheduled for today at Spring Hill Golf Club. For a mere $1,000, Minnesotans could enjoy the rare pleasure of lunch with the House Speaker. For $10,000, Boehner would even throw in a round of golf.

According to the invite, Michele Bachmann, Chip Cravaak, John Kline, and Erik Paulsen would also be making appearances.

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Michele Bachmann is also on the guest list.
The guest list caught the attention of some Minnesotans who aren't thrilled with their Republican elected officials right now. They organized a protest that was set to begin at 11:00 a.m. outside the golf course.

Protestors expected more than 100 people to show up, says Minnesotans for a Fair Economy spokesman Kevin Whalen. They even hired a plane to fly over heard with a banner reading, "Where's our piece of the pie? GOOD JOBS NOW!"

But it may be all for nothing.

An employee who answered the phone at Spring Hill this morning says there will be no Boehner fundraiser today. So what gives?

Boehner is at least in the area -- or he was 24 hours ago. WQOW reports that the Speaker attended an invitation-only event at the Princeton Valley Golf Course in Eau Claire, Wisconsin yesterday.

Whalen is calling conspiracy. "It sounds like they've moved it to a secret location," he says.

Banking on the chance that it is still happening, protesters are still bussing the golf course, says Whalen. After that, they plan to bring the demonstration outside Paulsen's office.

UPDATE [11:15 a.m]:

The protestors have found their target. 

Demonstrators followed the Republicans' trail to the nearby Wayzata Country Club. Whalen says there are about 300 people outside the club right now protesting the fundraiser.

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The other 98
The other 98

Amazing that 300 people can protest for the middle class, for job creation, asking that Washington start protecting the interests and needs of the other 98%.. 300+ people and I cant find anything about this on news sites or even googling.. yet I can ready about "tea party protests" daily when attendance can be counted on one hand.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Wow, this is so much more disgraceful than a fundraiser for in which a small price of $35000-a-plate, you can eat in the same room as Obama.

How many times did Obama fleece Americans last week for his war chest?How much do you suppose his 10th family vacation this year is going to cost the American taxpayer?Going on vacation during a War!  We all remember what was said about Gorge Bush when he did the same.   Martha's Vineyard isn't cheep ya know.  Especially when you consume the space of 100 vacationing families for "security" reasons.  But hey, it ain't his money. Damn how I wish GWB was still president so we could all understand how much our president is spending.  Guess I will have to wait until 2012 for the truth.

Donavon Cawley
Donavon Cawley

The problem is not that Boehner is fundraising.  Politicians tend to do that.  The problem is Boehner himself - some people don't like him and his policies, and they are protesting him while he tries to have a nice time with some uppity super rich Republican donors over a round of golf.  Simple as that.  Last I checked, all red blooded Americans still retained a right to do that.

The problem is not going on vacation either, which should be especially clear since that isn't even the topic of this article.  But hey, let's address it anyway.  Presidents have been taking vacations since President Washington took respite in his Mount Vernon estate.  Obama so far has taken 61 days of vacation after 946 days in office (4.3%).  At this point in his term, George W. Bush had taken 180 days of vacation (14%).  Bill Clinton had taken 28 days (2.9%).  And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 days (11.8%).  And every time any one of these presidents took a vacation away from the White House, the opposition hemmed and hawed and acted like no president ever in the history of the union had ever taken one day off from the job.

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