Michele Bachmann's crazy eyes throughout world history [SLIDESHOW]

Michele "Mona Lisa" Bachmann: Eye, eye, eye.
Michele Bachmann's bugged-eye Newsweek cover is captivating America. In fact, not one single person has yet been able to open the magazine and actually read the story, and the photographer who took the photos has probably entered some kind of treatment program.

Bachmann's spectacular shot was so instantly iconic that it's now a full-fledged internet sensation, with the eyes often leaving her own face to take up residence on someone else's.

City Pages thought it would imagine what it might look like if that same pair of shining orbs had been on other famous faces in world history.

Would anyone have trusted Marie Curie to handle radioactive elements if her eyes were so unsettling? Could Cleopatra have seduced Roman generals with that wild-eyed glare?

Would da Vinci have asked the Mona Lisa to sit for a portrait, or would he have stabbed his own perfect eyes with a paintbrush?

Those questions don't have easy answers. See for yourself, if you dare.

Slideshow: Michele Bachmann's crazy eyes in world history


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I find all the bellyaching from the reich wing and so-called lefty feminists over the supposedly "sexist" protrayal of "cazy eyes" Bachmann on the cover of Newsweek beyond hilarious.

Let's stop pretending that moonbat Bachmann is a serious candidate or that she doesn't always look (and sound) seriously nuts.

It isn't an editor's job to airbrush out the crazy, so we can easily dispense with the fake controversy. This dominionist whack job is running for President, for Pete's sake... so who's problem is it that she's insane and looks the part?

Sarah Boike
Sarah Boike

Someone should put her eyes on those creepy gerbil things from the old Quiznos commercials.


Wha?!?  No Rasputin?  I'm disappointed...


This is giving her WAY too much attention, unless you have her version of historical commentary to go along  with each photo.    

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