Torrential storms cause road closures, flooding in metro area

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northeast flooding.jpg
In a matter of hours, NE Minneapolis was under water.
A wicked storm that dumped on the metro area for about an hour left several major roads underwater, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The latest report from MnDot has closures at Highway 280, going southbound at the Broadway exit, and there was a brief closure on I-94 going eastbound at the 4th and 7th St. exits.

According to Todd Krause with the National Weather Service, the storm hit the Twin Cities for about an hour, but there shouldn't be much more from now on.

"There's no significant rain in the forecast," Krause said. "The worst is past us."

As briefly as the storm stayed, it brought a lot of rain in a short time, and parts of northeast Minneapolis were left underwater.

movables flood.jpg
Movables Consignment, the furniture store seen here, has three feet of water in its basement.
Up to the minute weather updates are posted to the MnDOT website at

Jeff Diethart, who works at Broadway Pizza on West River Road just across the river from Northeast, said the road was flooded just outside the pizza place when he tried to come in to work around 2 p.m. After Diethart drove across the Broadway bridge, cops were actually diverting traffic onto the sidewalk for about half a block to avoid the flooded streets.

The restaurant survived the flooding by delivering pizzas out the back door and down the alley. Diethart says the road is now cleared, and other than the flashing traffic light, seems back to normal.

Movables Consignment, a furniture store on Second Street Northeast, was left under feet of water. Kendra Anderson, Movables Consignment's owner, said there was three feet of water in the basement, and that the building had just had the gas and electricity shut off.

Anderson said the basement was filled with furniture, and the store had a sale planned to start tomorrow.

"It's all damaged downstairs," Anderson said. "It's terrible."

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