Peter Waldron, Michele Bachmann's Evangelical terrorist

Peter Waldron used to brag about what he did, but now won't give out his name.
Michele Bachmann might not even be the most interesting crazy person on the Bachmann for President campaign.

Peter Waldron, a Bachmann staffer who helped her win the Ames Straw Poll, is an "evangelical organizer" who spent 37 days in a Uganda prison after he was arrested for terrorism in 2006, according to The Atlantic. Waldron and his buddies were found with assault rifles just after that country's first real election in a couple decades.

According to Ugandan officials, Waldron and his buddies were trying to set up an armed resistance that would form a Christian political party in the neighboring, and war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is just what Christ would've done.

Bachmann's campaign has only good things to say about Waldron, whose feats inspired a Christian action movie. Since Waldron's name came back into public attention, this time linked with the Bachmann campaign, his personal website and the trailer for that movie has suddenly vanished from Youtube.

Here's what Bachmann spokeswoman Alice Stewart, told The Atlantic about Waldron's effect on the Bachmann campaign in Iowa:
"Michele's faith is an important part of her life and Peter did a tremendous job with our faith outreach in Iowa. We are fortunate to have him on our team and look forward to having him expanding his efforts in several states."
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Peter Waldron has a weird backstory -- also, weird eyebrows.
Waldron has a pretty good track record of working with Republican candidates, claiming on his website to have worked for nearly everyone: Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and John McCain. And now, Michele Bachmann.

Aside from his great domestic record helping elect candidates, Waldron's strange foreign career, during which he told one friend he was working for the CIA -- also claiming that the Bush administration had forced Uganda to release him from prison -- is the basis for a movie called "The Ultimate Price: The Peter Waldron Story." Here, via the Atlantic, is how the movie is teased in the trailer:

Lebanon. Iraq. Syria. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Uganda. India. For over thirty years, his family never knew where he went -- never knew what he did. Based on a true story, Dr. Peter Waldron was on a mission. Was he a businessman, a preacher, a spy? Tortured and facing a firing squad, he never broke his oath of silence. What secret was worth the ultimate price?
We'd show you the trailer itself, but since The Atlantic wrote about Waldron, every Youtube trailer of the movie has been made private. Now that's a curious marketing strategy.

Another version of Waldron's African adventure is that he and others were trying to bring down Joseph Kony, a notorious central African warlord, for a $1.7 million bounty. Still another is that Waldron was running guns -- when he was arrested, there were assault rifles and ammo in Waldron's bedroom --  and trying to bring down the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni in an armed coup.

The Atlantic tried to talk to Waldron about their story, but he kept saying only that he worked for Michele Bachmann, and refusing to give his name.

So, a gun-loving Evangelical whose story changes all the time and thinks he's on a mission from God, and he won't answer any questions.

Who else could this guy work for besides Michele Bachmann?


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I wondered whatever happened to 'ol Peter Waldron.  I used to listen to his radio show, Contact America, and attended one of his so-called Capitol Hill Briefings at the Embassy Suites in Bloomington back in the '90s.  Quite an interesting group in assembled to hear him speak.  He spent the better part of the "briefing" talking about child porn and even brought samples with him, although only a preselected few were offered a chance to document for the rest of us that the samples were the genuine article.  That one is worth keeping an eye on.  Scary biscuits, indeed.


I said it before,,and I'll say it again. All the squirrels aren't up in the trees..


I'm cribbing from a commenter on another site, but I really like their observation:

I have a hard time trusting any 'Christian' who wears facial hair styled more like Satan.

Reptile Blog
Reptile Blog

You are truly pathetic. Listen to yourself--this is why we all know liberals are emotional nutcases who see "reality" through Keith Olberman glasses. Satan? Seriously? You really should get out more. Obama is a joke, he's horrible, and he's gone in 2012 you moron.


Reptile dude. You clearly need some medical pot. Don't take yourself so seriously. But seriously, our Country is in trouble cause of folks like You!


Reptile Blog wrote:"Obama is a joke, he's horrible, and he's gone in 2012 you moron"

And this has exactly what to do with Waldron?

oohh, I get it: if you really hate Obama, then anyone even tangentially attached to Bachmann is automatically a hero, and Obama losing an election is some kind of vindication of their efforts.

IOW, he's a hero not for anything he did, but because he hates Obama. Got it.

You're a hero, too, I'll wager.

Just wondering, though: is this "joke" Obama the same one that you warned everyone was really a diabolical dictator who would enforce Sharia law and take away our guns? You know, the big socialist who was going to nationalise everything and who was Castro, Che Guevara, Huey Newton, and Malcolm X all rolled into one super-evil Anti-Christ package. That guy?

'Cause you were pretty off-base about that. Maybe you should get out more.

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