Sarah Palin endorses Michele Bachmann's debt ceiling vote [VIDEO]

palin bachmann.jpg
Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann make Sean Hannity very excited.
Sarah Palin could sink Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign if she entered the race, with the two of them competing for the same "pretty, conservative know-nothing lady with a snowy-region accent" vote.

But on Tuesday night, when she talked Republican presidential candidates with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Palin played the role of hockey mom. Palin says Bachmann did the right thing, soaring into the chambers from on high, trying, but failing to stop the U.S. House from passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling.

As Palin made televised guesses about essential fiscal policy, Hannity stopped with the googly eyes just long enough to ask if any Republican candidate impressed her during the near-crisis over the debt ceiling.

"Is there any candidate that spoke out loudly enough that you were appluading?" Hannity asked.

"Michele Bachmann, she spoke out, and she cast her vote according to her principles," Palin said. "She stood true."

A few things are clear from this video. Firstly, Sean Hannity likes his own voice: Notice that he talks twice as much as Palin while he "interviews" her. Secondly, Sean Hannity wants Sarah Palin to run for president, or marry him -- probably both.

Thirdly, the terrifying idea of a Palin-Bachmann or Bachmann-Palin presidential ticket, once the subject of late night monologues on TV and beer-soaked rants in hipster bars, seems more and more possible every day.


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Mn Voter
Mn Voter

Anyone see the stock market today - what gives? I thought Obama saved the economy with the budget deal?


Dumb and dumber


Forget Palin and Bachmann!  If I want a woman with a weird 'Sota twang in her voice running this country, then I'm voting for Marge Gunderson.


Remember the bill gave John Boener 98% of what the Repubs wanted, so if they bill gives the stock market heartburn, it's their bill. The market & the multi-national corporations will keep the market flat until Obama gets voted out & the Koch brothers can fulfill their vision of changing America into the feudal society they want.

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