Tom Emmer reunites with pennies protester at state fair [VIDEO]

espinosa emmer state fair.jpg
Tom Emmer: Not laughing on the inside.
It truly is the great Minnesota get-together.

The state fair played host to an unlikely reunion this afternoon as failed 2010 Republican candidate for governor Tom Emmer came together with protester Nick Espinosa this afternoon.

Espinosa is the man behind the glitter-bombings and flashmobbings at Bachmann and Associates this year. Last summer, he famously doused Emmer with two thousand pennies at a public forum after Emmer took a stand against the minimum wage.

Espinosa tells City Pages he saw Emmer walking around and decided to ask him for a picture. Emmer seemed thrilled to be recognized and put his arm around the diminutive lefty. Things seemed all good until Espinosa offered him pennies.

That's when the man who nearly became Minnesota's governor gave Espinosa some pointed instructions.


"Here's a tip for you," Espinosa says, after the photo is taken, which undoubtedly brings back bad memories for the ex-rep.

"Oh, yeah," Emmer says, still smiling. "Take a hike."

Then Emmer asks, "Are you having fun?"

Apparently, he was. And, surprise, surprise, the photo they posed for was actually a video.




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I was with Emmer at the fair today and he is cordial and friendly towards everyone that approaches him, which happens on a consistent basis.  Why anyone pays attention to this desperate child who likes to throw crap at people he disagrees with is beyond me.  Citypages is a cesspool.


That was just awesome...! That loser deserves that every single step he takes at the fair.


I saw Tom Emmer at the fair and he was mean to me.

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