Wisconsin State Fair wilding: Names and ages of the arrested

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Cell phone image of the Wisconsin State Fair violence
The Wisconsin State Fair police have released the names of 23 people arrested in connection with last week's mob violence. More than half are under age 18.

Anthony J. Oblak, 39, is the oldest of the 23 people arrested. Oblak and Eddie A. Garcia, 20, are the only suspects not in their teens. Thirteen of the people arrested are under age 18.

The Wisconsin State Fair is not yet releasing mugshots because of the investigation is ongoing, said Patrice Harris, communications manager for the Fair. But here are the 23 names:

Name and age of those arrested by Wisconsin State Fair Police:
Brittany U. Algee, 16

Monique L. Bracy, 18

Panicked State Fair patrons called 911.
Lamar J. Crittendon, 17

Shamarr A. Crittendon, 19

Yasmine A. Davis, 15

Devon D. Fasion-Johnson,  15

Eddie A. Garcia, 20

Sharae T. Harrrison, 16

Samantha N. Karaker, 19

Sigourney V. Love, 18

Randy D. Love,  17

Tasha R. Malon, 15

Estefania Mercado, 18

Anthony J. Oblak, 39

Davonia M. Shaw, 16

Sahmeisha L. Shaw, 18

Margarita R. Silva, 18

Shayla J. Sisk, 17

Amber U. Smith, 16

Dorche L. Smith, 15

Ezekiel A. Spears, 18

James S. Stear-Swinford, 17

Davon M. Thompson, 16

Another seven people were arrested by the West Allis police, two of them adults, but that department has not released the names.


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Disgusting behavior.....and no word from Black community leaders, as to the outrage and shame that the Afircan American community should be feeling. If this were reversed, I would be mortified. There needs to be some recognition from the black community.


Get rid of liberal laws allowing kids to do anything they want knowing they'll get away with it. Start with the schools and make parents responsible for damages. Prevent lawyers from filing psychological abuse issues by teachers when all they want to do is discipline. Impose curfuws, break up gangs, and keep cellphones from people picked up for maurauding crimes.


Give them each $10K and a one way ticket back to Africa


I'm glad they released their names, but does anyone know how they were able to release the names of the juveniles? I did not think it was legal to make public a juveniles arrest record. Maybe that is just a stupid SC law though.


yup ... those be niqqer names ...

melody girl
melody girl

why? who's behind it? who wants unrest? someone needs to look behind this. i thought obama was going to bring people together? has he spoken out on it? nope, he's just out there praising muslims at a special dinner. no time to tell these blacks to simmer down.


this isnt going to do anything to help relations between blacks and whites, absolutely no reason for this kind of garbage. surprised nobody had a gun in that fair, i wouldve started dropping those apes

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