The Blotter's top 10 posts of summer 2011

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Where has the summer gone?

You try to soak it in with a couple chilled beverages and some time in the sun, next thing you know it's September. With the last three months now nothing but a hazy memory, City Pages is looking back on the most popular blog posts of the summer that was.

What were you people so interested in this summer?

Well, the Wisconsin State Fair race riots were a big hit, in large part because Matt Drudge and his all-white army found their way to our site.

Stories about Michele and Marcus Bachmann also got plenty of attention, now that our freakiest family has flown the coup and taken the country by storm.

And, to prove that some things just never go out of style, Anthony Weiner's Twitter mishap resurrected a favorite from last year, involving a certain quarterback's certain cell phone picture of a certain body part.

Brett Favre's penis. It's a picture of Brett Favre's penis, okay? Get a life, you creeps. Let's hope you have better taste by year's end.

1. New 911 police tapes from Wisconsin State Fair released 

2. Wisconsin State Fair rampage: Cell phone video of the mob violence [VIDEO]

3. Mob of black teenagers beats white people at Wisconsin State Fair [UPDATED]

4. Michele Bachmann's 10 biggest "Oh no she didn't" moments

5. Marcus Bachmann: Gay or Straight?

6. Target Field guard scolded lesbian Twins fans for kissing

7. Brett Favre's penis revealed by Deadspin [UPDATE]

8. Michele Bachmann pledges to ban "all forms of pornography" if elected president

9. Bachmann pledge: Black families were better off during slavery than they are under Obama

10. Bigfoot sighting in Minnesota woods [VIDEO]

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It was the "Summer of Michele" on the Blotter.


ZOMG CP, where did the summer go?! I will miss all of the hours I spent at work reading and commenting on stories when I was actually suppose to be working, Kirk the Conservative Jerk's trolling (even though I'm sure it will continue happening LULZZZ) and Bachmann's crazy eyes. Now I'm forced to go to class and do homework all the time :( I will miss these summer days.. THNKSFRTHMMRS xoxox Bianca

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Don't complain Bianca.  Remember, many people worked their ass off so you could attend college for free, even though their own kids had to pay their own way.

We expect all "A's" from ya


Ahh I wish that was the case! I'll be graduating with at least 30 grand in debt.. Not to mention the three jobs I work to help pay for school.. But nbd.

Thanks for your well-wishes though!

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