Justin Patrick arrested after two-state, spark-filled, meth-fueled police chase

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Justin Patrick: Wisconsin criminal became Minnesota's last night.
Justin Patrick's night started badly, in Amery, Wisconsin, where police were looking for him as the suspect in a home invasion. It ended even worse, when police finally caught up to him 55 miles later in Lino Lakes.

Along the way, Patrick hit speeds of around 100 miles and hour and showered the road with sparks, thanks to his driving on the car's rims, according to WCCO. Patrick ran over several police spike strips that were meant to puncture his tires and end the chase.

The spikes did indeed puncture the tires, but the chase went on anyway.

When Patrick's wild ride finally ended when he lost control of the car on I-35W in Lino Lakes, he gave up the chase, and admitted to police that he was high on meth.

The chase was transferred from Minnesota to Wisconsin after Minnesota State Patrol got a call around 10:20 p.m. to warn state authorities that Patrick wouldn't stop, and was on his way into Minnesota, WCCO reports.

State Patrol, joined by three different police forces, took up the rundown, keeping close to Patrick but avoiding any maneuvers to stop him because he was going too fast. Even when his tires had peeled off and his rims were kicking sparks up, Patrick continued going at around 50 miles an hour. Finally, he hit the median on I-35W and came to a stop.

The lesson, of course, is that this just isn't worth it. Whatever charges Patrick might be looking at due to the home invasion in Wisconsin, he's now about to be charged with separate fleeing police charges in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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i love how she says she doesnt have to look over her shoulder anymore but wanted to live at his aunts with him, lived in st. paul with him and has his named tattooed on her and they have matching tattoos, oh and she forgot to mention they were going to move to texas and get married and were arrested together approx. 3 weeks prior to his arrest (since she claims to not know him and had only met him twice, what a lying little immature B**CH


I am just very much relieved that i no longer have to worry about him watching and following me anymore..  Im still a little afraid of turning my back, but im sure that feeling will always be a part of me!


I thank you for pointing out the lesson. I do hate it so when I am expected to glean such things as lessons and morals on my own. Had he escaped, would the lesson have been that it indeed does pay to flee the police? 

Too critical and nitpicky, says you?  Well I have to use this journalism degree for something! Perhaps I am qualified to teach social skills to engineering students.

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