Kevin Williams returns to Vikings after suspension, says he'll play Sunday

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Kevin Williams isn't going to let his ailing foot keep him from playing.
Kevin Williams, the Vikings' gigantic run-stuffing defensive tackle, is back with the team today after a two-week suspension for performance enhancing drugs.

Williams' return will be a welcome one for the Vikings, who've built a lead in their first two games only to give it up in the second half. Stopping the run hasn't been the problem -- the Vikings are 10th in the NFL in rushing defense so far -- but the presence of a 6-foot-5, 300-plus pound force in the middle can only cause more disruption for opposing offenses.

Williams, a six-time Pro Bowler, told reporters yesterday that he'd spent his two suspended weeks doing what ever other Minnesotan was doing: "I was here on my couch, yelling at the TV screen."

Kevin and Pat Williams, the Vikings unrelated havoc-causing defensive tandem known as the "Williams Wall," both tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2008. They appealed their four-game suspensions on the grounds that they hadn't been given sufficient notice of the failure, but a judge ruled last year that the suspensions could stand.

williams wall2.jpg
Kevin Williams, Pat Williams: Current, former brick in the Vikings' wall.
Pat Williams has since left the Vikings, and is currently an unsigned free agent. Kevin is still around, and says he'll be donning the purple and gold on Sunday.

Williams is suffering a bout of plantar fasciitis, or bone spurs, in his foot, but said that wouldn't stop him from returning this weekend to play against the Detroit Lions. The suspension disqualified Williams from practicing with the team, and the big man acknowledged he might need to catch a "second wind" at some points during the game.

But Williams told reporters he's not going to let his nagging foot keep him out of action, according to the Vikings' official blog.

"I'm definitely going to play," he said. "Sitting at home two weeks was bad enough. The foot ain't gonna stop me."


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