Man killed in downtown Minneapolis parking ramp stabbings

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Two men were stabbed, one fatally, in a downtown Minneapolis parking ramp early this morning. Security called police to the Ramp C parking lot on the 300 block of Second Avenue North, first reporting that a fight had broken out.

By the time cops arrived, the fight had escalated to a "man down" report.

Two men were found stabbed in the ramp, and EMS was unable to save the more gravely injured one. The second man suffered non-life-threatening stab wounds, and was taken to HCMC for treatment.

Police quickly apprehended a suspect, after witnesses fingered a man walking nearby as the killer.

The suspect was taken into custody "without incident almost immediately," according to the Minneapolis Police Department.

Neither the victim nor the suspect has been identified as of this morning.

Location of the homicide:

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Per the paranoid rational of the modern day liberal; shouldn't we try to ban knives because knives are dangerous, kill, and kids might get a hold of one?Yes we live in "the wild west, where everyone is getting stabbed"


If thats the case we shouldnt have pens or pencils either. Its just the people we have out in this world. The ones whom choose to live their lives with the DEVIL. This man that got killed for no reason. Maybe GREED. Who knows but only GOD and the men involved. The man whom is now gone was a very close friend of mine. So please dont compare his death to anything in this world. We just need to pray more for the ones out there that havent excepted GOD into thier lives. And thank GOD everyday he lets us breath his air.

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