Have you seen this pharmacy robber? [PICTURES]

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Anyone know where to find this guy?
Minneapolis Police are asking for help in finding a man suspected of robbing two separate pharmacies earlier this month.

The man, identified as a six-foot black male with a mustache, is thought to have robbed a CVS Pharmacy on Franklin Avenue on September 3, and then hit a Walgreen's on Lake Street West on September 11.

In the Walgreen's robbery, the man walked to the counter around 2:20 p.m. and put a note on the counter, announcing that it was a robbery. He made off with something, though Minneapolis police aren't releasing what his loot was.

They do, though, want the public's help in finding this guy. The man is described as having a slim build and a skinny mustache, and is thought to be in his 20's.

Anyone with information that can help lead to the robber's arrest should call Sergeant James Spencer at 612-673-3293.

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