Nate and Nick Smith, twins who made the $50,000 hockey shot, won't get the money [VIDEO]

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Telling the truth cost $50,000
Nate and Nick Smith, the 11-year-old twins from Owatonna who tag-teamed a miraculous hockey shot three weeks ago, won't get the $50,000 prize promised for the shot.

Last month at a charity hockey event, Nick Smith's name got drawn to try for a near-impossible shot: From 90 feet back, send the puck through a 3.5-inch cutout. Nick was out of the building at the time, so the boys' father, Pat, sent Nick's twin brother Nate down to the ice. Unbelievably, Nate sent the puck right into its target.

Pat Smith quickly told the event organizer that it was Nate -- not Nick -- who'd made the shot, and the event organizers and insurance company have been tussling since over whether to give the Smiths the prize money.

Well, the decision has finally been made: Last night the family found out it's not getting the dough. But the insurance company, Odds on Promotions, did agree to donate $20,000 to the Faribault Youth Hockey Association, which hosted the charity event in which Nate made the shot, and $20,000 to the Owatonna Youth Hockey Association, where the Smith brothers play.

The boys and their father, Pat Smith, appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about the end result. The boys are admittedly a little disappointed. But impressively, they really don't seem bitter.

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