Adorable kittens survive being thrown out of van, available for adoption soon

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Wendy Johnson / Pine Journal
Chester and Chelsea survived being thrown from a van.
Two kittens survived being thrown out of a van a couple weeks ago and will soon be available for adoption.

Chester and Chelsea were reportedly tossed out of a white minivan off Interstate 35 along the Esko exit two weeks ago. A good Samaritan at first drove past the act of animal cruelty, but then decided to turn around and rescue them.

The Samaritan took the kitties to the Friends of Animals shelter, where they're learning how to love again. And, in case you've also forgotten, the picture of the kittens will probably force everyone else to fall in love with them.

Karen Brummer, executive director of the Friends of Animals shelter in Cloquet, says the kittens have recovered over time.

"They're recovering nicely," says Executive Director Karen Brummer. "Each and every day there are two or three staff people that that directly handle the animals in a passionate, caring way."

Chester and Chelsea, Brummer says, are allowed to roam around the "cat community room" where the kittens play on shelves, lay on blankets, and explore their little cat condos.

They're both medium-to-long-haired tabby cats. Chester is a brown, grey and black and Chelsea is white.

Wendy Johnson / Pine Journal
When Brummer first got them, she says, they were in good shape but needed some treatment.

"They were covered in fleas and had ear mites."

The two cats have a lot of "personality," she says. They're joker cats that like to frolic around, especially with each other. Brummer says the two cats have become close friends, and will be together for at least a couple more weeks before they're made available for adoption by shelter.

"They're adorable," Brummer says. "It's kind of nice they have each other."

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