Amina Ali, to courtroom: "You are all going to hell"

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Ami Ali had harsh words for the judge and everyone else.
Amina Ali, one of two Rochester women found guilty yesterday of providing material support to terrorism, was given the standard chance to address the courtroom. Not only take the chance, she stunned the courtroom with what was on her mind.

Speaking through an interpreter, Ali told the judge she was not mad at him. In fact, she seemed quite confident things were going to work out well for her, at least better than what she imagines will happen to non-Muslims.

Ali told the judge that she would be going to heaven some day, the Pioneer Press reports. Then, to hammer home what she really meant, she said something in Somali which her interpreter than said aloud:

"You are all going to hell."

The PiPress reports that the interpreter was "stunned," but still uttered Ali's words to the judge. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Davis, who'd had a run-in with Ali early in the trial when she refused to stand for his entrance, let Ali speak her piece.

Perhaps Davis was comfortable letting her go on like that because he knew at the end of her talking, he'd have her and Hawo Hassan, the other woman found guilty yesterday, taken into custody by U.S. Marshals.

Ali also told Judge Davis that Westerners were, in general, opposed to Muslims.

The Pioneer Press reports that Ali wasn't the only one with choice words for the American justice system yesterday. As the verdict was announced, Somali women who'd shown up to offer their support began to cry, and men yelled out, "This is injustice."

Something around 150 Muslims had shown up at the courthouse, where they also held a prayer session before yesterday's verdict came down. One supporter, Kamilya Sheikh, a student at Inver Groves Community College, told the PiPress that Ali and Hassan should have been found innocent for their actions, which included Ali's routing of $8,600 to al-Shabaab in Somalia.

"It's not a crime to help people," Sheikh said.

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The only injustice here is that she can't be sewn into a pigskin and hung publicly.


All I have to say if she doesn't like it she can go back to Somalia, there she probably have been stoned to death with no trial, lawyer,etc. And in response to the last stupid comment in this article: No Sheikh it's not a crime to help people, unless the people you are helping are part of a terrorist organization that uses the money to kill people.


The fact that she did something wrong still hasn't penetrated her thick skull. Well, she'll have time to think about it.

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