Michele Bachmann chief of staff Andy Parrish spotted at oil wrestling event with dwarf [PHOTOS]

Chad Strong Andy Parrish.jpg
Andy Parrish: Bachmann chief of staff, pro wrestling enthusiast.
City Pages has obtained photographs that appear to show Michele Bachmann chief of staff Andy Parrish with a dwarf at an event that featured scantily-clad women wrestling in hot oil.

The bizarre show was put on by indie promoters Rock n Roll wrestling at Mac Daddy's bar back on December 3, 2005, long before Bachmann was a household name. An anonymous source citing disillusionment with Parrish's public "piousness" leaked the photos to City Pages.

As part of the show, the promoter's daughter, Heather, got into the ring wearing red shorts and wrestled in oil. Fans who were "willing to participate" were invited to join in.

Parrish is a long-time Bachmann supporter, having been with her since before she won her congressional seat. Earlier this year he joined her campaign for President, though he was recently re-assigned back to the home office.

For a side-by-side comparison, here is Parrish's Twitter photo with a detail of the above shot:
parrish side by side.jpg
And here are some photos testifying to the kind of wholesome entertainment Parrish would have seen that night:

Oil wrestling.jpg
Oil wrestling 2.jpg
Oil wrestling 3.jpg
Oil wrestling 4.jpg

Neither Parrish nor Bachmann's press team responded to numerous phone calls requesting comment.


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