Two more incidents in Minneapolis add to recent chlid abduction scares

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Two boys were frightened by a a stranger who approached in his car.
Minneapolis parents made nervous by a string of seemingly unrelated child abduction attempts can't quite rest easy yet.

With no arrests in the previous cases, in which three separate underage girls were targeted, two more kids have reported suspicious behavior. This time, the kids are boys, and they're younger than the previous targets.

In separate incidents this week, two boys, aged 10 and 11, were approached by a car on Ulysses Street, near an elementary school, KARE 11 reports.

The driver did not try to lure the boys into his car, but whatever he said to the boys scared them pretty badly.

"The threats were enough to make the kids feel uncomfortable," Third Precinct Inspector Brian Schafer told KARE 11, "and they ran home and notified their parents."

At this point, police don't believe that any of the incidents are connected. But, connection or not, parents are pretty worried by the series of fortunate near-misses.

A specialist with the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center will hold a meeting next Thursday, October 13, at Joan of Arc Gym in south Minneapolis to talk to parents about child safety.


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Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith

 The idea of my children being harmed or lost is not something anyone wants to consider. I found an article by anationofmoms about a service that can protect your family via your cell phone. And, at the bottom there is an opportunity to enter a drawing for 6 months of that service just by liking them on Facebook. You might find it interesting:


The headline says "chlid."

What could be media-generated hysteria?  Every time there is one report, many more follow, but stranger kidnappingsa re almost non-existant.

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