Chris Cook arrested for domestic assault, won't play against Packers

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Chris Cook: Arrested, benched, and facing charges.
Chris Cook, the Vikings' second-year cornerback probably best known for a previous arrest on gun charges, spent the night in Hennepin County Jail last night after he was arrested on domestic assault charges.

Cook is still in custody as of this afternoon, and will be there until a bail hearing on Monday morning. The Vikings announced this morning that Cook will not play against the Green Bay Packers tomorrow.

Cops came to Cook's Eden Prairie house in the early hours of this morning, after a neighbor called police about screaming coming from the house, the Star Tribune reports. Cook's now facing pending charges of domestic assault and strangulation.

The Vikings originally said there wouldn't be a statement on Cook's arrest until the team learned more, but the team has since reversed that stance, putting out a statement that's been picked up by ESPN:

"The Minnesota Vikings are aware of the incident involving Chris Cook. We take this matter very seriously and are still gathering all the details of the incident. We will not have any further comment at this time."
Cook's weekend in the slammer means the Vikings could be facing Aaron Rodgers and the Packers without two of their top three cornerbacks, as starter Antoine Winfield is considered "doubtful" to play in tomorrow's game, according to the Star Tribune.

Cook's arrest also adds to the legal troubles of the Vikings' secondary, after safety Tyrell Johnson was arrested for a DWI last month.

It's also Cook's second run-in with the law. In March, he was arrested for wielding a gun during an argument with a neighbor in his home state of Virginia. Cook was later found not guilty, with the judge ruling there was insufficient evidence.

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Do they bother to check these players backgrounds at all before they draft them. Unreal, another thug, in a football jersey. Cut his sorry butt and let him go find a real job. That is if he's smart enough to do anything.

Hard Herb
Hard Herb

Two questions come to mind.... 1) Who?  2)  Who gives a fuck?


And you're a pale doughnut! Ignorant mthfk


Another dim eyed gorilla gets his due. He can go swing on a hoop in jail like a good little ape

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