Congressman Erik Paulsen glitter-bombed [PHOTOS]

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Paulsen glitter-bombed.jpg
Erik Paulsen: the latest victim of a glitter-bombing.
Congressman Erik Paulsen was glitter-bombed this afternoon after receiving a conservative award from Tom Emmer.

Minnesota's familiar suspects, the "Glitterati" led by gay rights activist Nick Espinosa, were behind the political protest, which Emmer has decried as "assault." Paulsen and Emmer were attending the Midwest Leadership Conference in Bloomington, a conservative gathering to be keynoted by Karl Rove and Governor Scott Walker this afternoon.

Paulsen was being awarded the "Friend of the Family" award for his support of anti-gay legislation.

The activist who glitter-bombed Paulsen, Michael Cahill, screamed, "You're no friend of my family!" as he showered the legislator.

Erik Paulsen: Glitter-bombed.

Erik Paulsen: Bombed while Tom Emmer watches.

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Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Nothing better shows what a moderate Erik Paulsen is when he is hanging with Tom Emmer, Scott Walker, and Karl Rove.   Seriously has he ever gone against what the hardcore Tea Party Republicans tell him what to do?   If I hear another member of the media call him moderate or centrist I will start with groin punch and follow it up with  throat punch. 

Marie Porter
Marie Porter

Hey Emmer, let me get this straight..

Glitter bombing is assault, and driving drunk is... what?

Being gay is a "choice", and drinking and driving (repeatedly) is... what?


Wow - the City Pages staff should bone up on their civics. Last I checked a US Congressman has no power or ability to put amend the US Constitution by referendum. Getting basic facts wrong like this really hurt your credibility


You are completely correct. Paulsen is nothing but a rubber-stamp Party politician.

This is the guy whose campaign ads featured him saying, "We need jobs". Nothing that he has done has created any jobs. He had a small part in a job fair, which is not *creating* jobs. It's just filling existing positions. And temp services were the prominent "employers".

Having done his thing for "jobs", he is now moving into anti-gay legislation. There was nothing in his campaign about that, however. That's because the evangelical Right agenda is a losing position in his district. Now he has shown his true colours, and the voters won't be pleased.

The 3rd is an R+0 district. It's not Bachmann's R+7 kind of district. Big mistake.


In order to drive drunk you have to be pro-gay?  Tim Walz will be happy.


I see no mention in the article of Paulsen trying to amend the U.S. Constitution.

Getting basic facts like this wrong really hurts your credibility.

Of course, it's possible Paulsen is pushing the referendum on amending the *State* Constitution. He wouldn't be using his authority as a Congressman for that, though. Just his position in the Party. Is that an important distinction? I don't think so.

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