Keith Ostrosky groped his patients, misdiagnosed them repeatedly

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Keith Ostrosky: Not a very good dentist.
Keith Ostrosky has been fined by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry for groping patients and misdiagnosing their problems.

A nearly two-year investigation by the Minnesota Attorney General's office found that Ostrosky provided substandard diagnostic and endodontic care, improperly administered anesthetics, and improperly prescribed certain drugs. It also reports he made "lewd, lascivious, or improper advances" toward female patients.

The report includes stories from nine women whose breasts he "brushed," who he had sexual relationships with, or whose waists he wrapped his arms around while they stood at the appointment desk. Staff members of Ostrosky's saw him "scrunch" and "pull" a patient's "napkin" to "uncover the breast area."

Although the report doesn't elaborate, it states he was seen "tickling pediatric patients."

According to the Minnesota Board of Dentistry complaint, he also kept substandard safety and sanitary conditions in his office and improperly billed some patients.

The board has suspended his license but stayed its implementation assuming he follows certain conditions they've laid down. He's forbidden from being alone with any female patients.

The bad dentist is also required to complete coursework on professional boundaries, endondontics, record-keeping, treatment planning, and pay a $30,000 fine.

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