Michael Beasley's bag man: "Beasley knew everything"

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Michael Beasley claimed innocence, but his benefactor says otherwise.
Michael Beasley is suing Joel Bell, the street agent who pursued Beasley when he was a 14-year-old prospect and tried to lock up his future rights. Among Beasley's allegations in the lawsuit are benefits that Bell and other men set up for Beasley's mother, Fatima Smith, paying off car and rent dues during B-Easy's one year at Kansas State University.

The lawsuit did not identify Smith's benefactor, but now a Washington, D.C., accountant has stepped forward and acknowledged that he was the mystery man.

Gregory Holloway told the Washington Post that he did indeed provide major benefits to Beasley's mom, violating NCAA rules. But, Holloway said, it's wrong for the Timberwolves forward to now claim innocence or ignorance.

"Beasley knew everything," Holloway told the Post. "His mother knew everything."

Beasley's lawsuit against Bell, his former agent who first came after the 14-year-old Beasley, is a countersuit to a breach of contract action Bell brought in January. Bell claimed Beasley's move from Bell Sports Inc. to Adidas representation was an act of wrongful termination.

Beasley's countersuit comes with a flurry of scandalous allegations: Most sensationally, he claimed that Bell and other men broke the most fundamental NCAA rules by providing illegal benefits while Beasley was at Kansas State.

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Michael Beasley would probably rather not hear from Holloway at this time.
Those allegations are now more or less confirmed, with Holloway, the chairman of an accounting firm in the nation's capital, accepting responsibility for the outlawed favors. But Beasley's lawsuit did not acknowledge what Holloway told the Post, namely, that Beasley and his mom only got what they asked for.

Holloway said he paid for Smith's moving expenses and rent in Manhattan, Kansas -- where she'd relocated to be with Beasley during his freshman year in college -- because Smith asked him to do it. And, worse, Holloway says he made payments on Smith's SUV at Beasley's request.

Holloway couldn't recall exactly how much he'd spent on Beasley's mom, but the Manhattan Mercury reported on Friday that Holloway wrote a check for $11,200 to cover seven months of rent for Smith's apartment.

Holloway says he met Beasley through the teenager's AAU coach, Curtis Malone, who is also named in the suit as the man who introduced Beasley to Joel Bell. But, Holloway claims, he was not induced by Malone to support Beasley or Smith, and says it was his own decision -- one that he now regrets.

"I was just trying to be helpful," Holloway told the Post. "They both couldn't afford it.

"In retrospect," Holloway went on, "I wish I hadn't done a thing."


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