Michele Bachmann's New Hampshire staffers all quit [UPDATE]

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Michele Bachmann: Wait, come back! I'm going to win!
Michele Bachmann's paid campaign staffers in New Hampshire just quit. And boom, as they say, goes the dynamite.

The bad, bad news of exodus was broken first by New Hampshire political reporter James Pindell, and has since exploded on Politico. Get your obituaries ready, and prepare to pour a little out for Michele Bachmann's dead campaign.

Or maybe it's nothing. You know, this kind of stuff probably happens all the time, and Bachmann just needs a few well-meaning, fresh-faced volunteers to turn this thing around...

Ah, who are we kidding? It's over, folks. It's all over.

: One of those staffers has already moved on, and will start working for a certain dashing Texan candidate next week.

Pindell's story breaking the news is behind a paywall, and at this point Bachmann's campaign is probably not even worth the $1 it costs for the details. Politco gleaned from Pindell that Bachmann's New Hampshire staff actually wanted to quit earlier, but held off because they "didn't want to harm the candidate."

Okay, so instead, this is just fine timing. No harm done. In fact, maybe this is just a brilliant way to get Bachmann's name back in the news.

According to her campaign's FEC records, Bachmann was paying four different people in New Hampshire: Thomas Lukacz, Mattheau LeDuc, Caroline Gilger, and Jeffrey Chidester.

So, if any candidates need some staffers to pound the pavement in Concord, or wander the White Mountains looking for donations, there are four enterprising young conservatives looking for a job.

Oh, also, if you could put in a good word for Michele Bachmann, she, too, has fallen on hard times, and will probably soon be out of work.

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. Pindell is now reporting that one staffer, Caroline Gilger, is taking a job with Rick Perry's campaign, and will start work there on Monday.

Well, this ought to spell the end of Bachmann's trash talking to Perry. Now someone on Perry for President knows all of the secrets of Bachmann for President, and can whisper them into Perry's Texan ears all day long. For example, one secret Caroline Gilger knows: Michele Bachmann is not going to be president.

Pindell reports the other staffers will also soon show up on other presidential campaigns.

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 you have been on a witch hunt for Michelle ever since she came into the limelight...Why do I bother to read your pinko, commie rag anyways...Oh yeah to keep in tune with what the over the top liberal media is trawling out to the dead behind the eyes public....the City Pages are embarrassing our democracy...

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Once again the lamestream media doesn't even bother to get the facts straight.   I have united with Christine O'Donnell who will help me win.   She has promised to use her witchcraft powers to summon up the best ghost staff baby blood can buy!   Bachmann/O'Donnell 2012:  Look into our eyes!  


Nationally, 51% describe Bachmann's views as extreme, per Rasmussen. I guess that the most Right-leaning national pollster in America is now part of the "over-the-top liberal media".

Remember when you guys were all concerned about "the Will of The People"? Now you just re-define "The People" as the minority that agrees with you.

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