Michele Bachmann, on phone call with Donald Trump, accidentally endorses Occupy Wall Street

bachmann trump.jpg
Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump: Press star-three and reach for the stars.
Michele Bachmann held her surprise-party tele-townhall with Donald Trump last night, allowing the two of them to show off their finest skills. Trump, as is well known, is probably the hardest blowing blowhard in American politics today.

But less well known was Bachmann's talent in facilitating the tele-townhall. If this president thing doesn't work out, she could definitely fall back on a career as a telethon operator.

During the discussion, which was driven by call-ins from some of the "well over 200,000 Americans" -- Bachmann's number, so who knows? -- on the line, Bachmann and Trump discussed a number of issues. For example, Trump spoke often, and highly, of Donald Trump.

Bachmann, meanwhile, called for solidarity with the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. Wait, what?

Bachmann kicked off the tele-townhall, a large part of which was recorded by Minnesota Public Radio, by explaining that Trump was "one of our nation's leaders in understanding the economy and job creation." (Right. Like how he "created" jobs for his son and daughter by putting them on his television show.) Bachmann also immediately pointed out that Trump's presence was not an endorsement of her.

"He's admired, he's respected," Bachmann said, apparently still referring to Donald Trump. 

Bachmann's skill as emcee was on display throughout the event. Like the host of a low-rent telethon, Bachmann repeatedly introduced herself and Donald Trump by name, as if some people who signed up for this event yesterday were confused about the call they'd received later that night. 

bachmann phone.jpg
Bachmann is delighted to be taking your calls.

Bachmann also smoothly announced a poll question for the listeners, and later its results. She repeatedly reminded callers to "press star-three" to queue-up and ask a question of Trump. The only thing missing was Bachmann kicking it to commercial, or saying, "Up next, it's The Eagles with 'Take it Easy.'" 

The least surprising part of the town hall was how happy Donald Trump was with his own presidential candidacy, which lasted about 96 hours, ending when Barack Obama released his birth certificate, made fun of Trump on television, and had Osama bin Laden whacked.

Still, Trump remembers it well, saying he was the only candidate who was talking about China and OPEC. And, of course, Trump also talked about  Obama's birth certificate, "which I'm very proud of," Trump said.

"I got this guy to do something he didn't want to do," Trump went on. "And somedody should continue to analyze that whole deal by the way."

Looks like "The Birther" movement is alive and well, especially on Michele Bachmann's campaign.

The most surprising part was when the two fielded a question from a woman in New Hampshire, who expressed disappointment in the lack of "outrage" from Republicans about what was happening on Wall Street. She clarified her question by referring to "this, what appears to be, Marxist group down there on Wall Street."

Bachmann answered first, saying that it was hard to tell if the "Occupy" movement a "George Soros-inspired protest down there," daring to ask the question that keeps Glenn Beck up at night.

bachmann perrycare video.jpg
Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump -- no, sorry, potted plant, our mistake.

Bachmann quickly turned the question on its head, going on to rail about the bailout of Wall Street. This, she blamed entirely on politicians in Washington, with other references to "Fannie and Freddie" -- one of which financed her home loan! -- but not a single mention of mistakes made by the bankers and traders.

Bachmann wound up her question saying people are "rightly concerned about" the bailout of Wall Street. She made no further mention of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Trump got his turn, and said he "understood the question two ways," which is two more than Bachmann, and one more than necessary.

Trump made fun of the protests, saying, "many of them are just having a very good time, at a lot of other people's expense."

Speaking about the protesters as if they were homeless people, or, say, ants, Trump said "at some point, something's going to have to be done to break it up."

When Trump finished, there was a long, silent beat, before Bachmann said simply, "Right."

"Press star-three, press star-three," she began. "This is Donald Trump live, on the call, with Michele Bachmann..."

And on and on they went, whispering unknowable truths to well over 200,000 Americans, solving our nation's problems one caller at a time.

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What a liberal rag this has turned out to be!

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

When the Tea Party protested the bail out of the banks, Michele Bachmann kept saying; "the people NEED to be heard," and "We the People, are America, and WE deserve a voice," and America is broke.   Americans are hurting, and politicians favor to help the banks."The Tea Party, and people like Michele, were criticized for opposing the bailout of the banks, because it would collapse the system.

SOOOOOOO many liberal dipshits chastised her, and chastised the tea party, for those statements and views.  Those messages were portrayed as EVIL throughout the liberal media.  Funny, FOX news was the ONLY TV/Cable news media source, trying to get this message out there. (No Bailouts)

While eating your crow, do you say; Umm, Umm, Good?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Nothing shows how serious Republicans and Michele Bachman  are about job creation like appearing with a reality tv star who's catchphrase is "you're fired."     Was Snooki and The Situation not available?    If I could have gotten through I would have asked Donald who is crazier; Michele, Meatloaf, or Gary Busey?


I tried to call in but I kept getting a busy signal.

Too bad, as I REALLY wanted to win those Supertramp tickets...

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Ohhhhhhhhh what a catty thing to say!   You are a total Miranda!   


Kirk wrote:" Michele Bachmann kept saying; "the people NEED to be heard," and "We the People, are America, and WE deserve a voice,"

And now, with OWS, the People apparently should shut the hell up because they are Marxists. And George Soros is behind it all, anyway, so the People can be ignored now.

You really don't see the contradiction at all.

And polling shows that around 25% of Republicans STILL believe that Obama was not born in the U.S.

As far as your claim to the Tea Party being "The People":

CBS/NYT poll (8/5/11):"The survey’s historical data shows that tea party support peaked at 31 percent around the time of the 2010 elections, but has since declined to just 18 percent."

I guess 18% of America now counts as "The People".

Also:"Time released a new poll this morning finding that 54 percent view the Wall Street protests favorably, versus only 23 percent who think the opposite."

Still think that "the People" need to be heard, Kirk?

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Actually people were fine with citizens questioning the bailout.   What people were mad at the Tea Party for was being racists and thuggish.   Like the time the spit on John Lewis while calling him the N word.  Something you admit happened yesterday and had no problem with.   The Tea Party has also been portrayed as evil for electing people like Rep. Joe Walsh, a deadbeat Dad that doesn't pay his child support.   When William Jefferson was caught red handed being corrupt the Democrats abandoned him and he lost his reelection.   To this day zero Tea Party Republicans have done the same to Joe Walsh, the deadbeat Dad who owes $115,000 to his children.    That's why the Tea Party is almost as unpopular as the Republican lead Congress which is the most unpopular Congress in the history of the United States.  Luckily only a small percentage of Americans are brainless Fox News viewers.    Informed people know Republicans care more about hurting Obama than helping America.  

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

PMB says;"I would have asked Donald who is crazier; Michele, Meatloaf, or Gary Busey?"

Do any of them appear to talk in the third person as you do?  When they start to do that, look out!!!


Funny how this argument wouldn't take place if we just stayed on the same subject, I haven't been following the actual facts behind what we should get out of this post. I have no idea why people need a person like Michele Bachmann to stand up for them. I think our idea of leadership was seen at occupy wall street movement, about the same time she steps to take credit from some stupid stuff she keeps adding to this pile here. About the same time as she even does something for anyone besides some doing her best for her own building of votes is when i get my opinion changed.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Wow, you really do make a vigilant attempt to change history.I mean Really?See that search box up top people?Type "Tea Party" in there.   Read some of those archives?   I bet some here wish you had access to wipe that clean.  Of course, Google always has a cache of the page and comments within.   Go the Huffington post or New Your Times and do the same.

And Racist?Herman Cain is currently the Tea Party favorite.  Most of his support comes from the Tea Party.  How does that compute?

No one intentionally spit on John.  There were cameras everywhere.  If their was intentional spitting on a congressmen, arrests would have been made. The cops were right there, and watching closely.   Thuggish?  Like the teachers unions?  Thuggish like the auto workers, or thuggish like the public employees union?  Remember when that union thug bit the finger off of a tea party protester?   That kind of thuggish? 

Hey PMB, did the democrats abandon Charles Rangle last year?  In Fact, I remember you defending Anthony Weiner.  How does that work?

Besides, you're thinking of the American NAZI Party that is now showing support for the Occupy Wall Street movement.  One big Jew hating racist movement.


You don't know what third person is.  Third person would be if you refer to yourself as "Kirk" instead of "me" or "myself". 

Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson

You clearly don't know what speaking in third person is. 

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Keep lying about the spit.  John Lewis said he was spit on, so I will believe the Civil Rights hero over the idiot that makes fun of dead children.   I notice you don't ever deny the Tea Party called John Lewis the N Word because that is fact.   The only reason Herman Cain is popular with the Tea Party is because he is the exact type of Black person they like, one who wouldn't dare call them out for being racist.   Herman Cain showed his true colors when Rush Limbaugh called him out for daring to be offended by Rick Perry's Camp N*****head.   In Tea Party world Black people don't have the right to be offended by obviously racist things, that's called playing the race card to Tea Party racists.    I notice you don't dare comment on that either because you know Herman Cain is a coward.   Most Black people know the Republicans are racist, that's why 95% of Black voters voted for Obama.   88% voted for Kerry.  95% for Gore.    It just makes me laugh how little respect for yourself you must have to vote for such obvious racists.   I mean George W. Bush only got the nomination by appealing to the racist nature of Republican voters.   He turned around in the polls when he accused John McCain of having an interracial baby.   Seriously kirk, you support and vote for the KKK.   What does that say about you as a man?   

P.S. Notice how I don't have to cite erroneous Fox News "facts" when I prove you wrong?   Take your weaksauce and go home.  Only an idiot believes the crap you spout.   Occupy Wall Street is Nazis?   I mean that is so pathetic, how childlike is your brain?   I just started a group and its called "America Hating Nazis Who Like to Fuck Children"   I am endorsing everything you say and everything the Republican Party stands for.   Under you bird brain logic you are a America Hating Nazi Who Likes to Fuck Children because you have been endorsed by my group.   I know when you are stupid so Fox News sounds really smart to you but when you spout that crap to clear thinking adults its just annoying.


Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party were not chastised for saying ' "the people NEED to be heard," and "We the People, are America, and WE deserve a voice," and America is broke.   Americans are hurting, and politicians favor to help the banks."' I'm sure some people did, there's always people that will rail against the "other side" for no reason other than they're the "other side". A lot of people chastised them for being racist which earlier on those elements were there but I applaud the Tea Party for moving beyond such things. 

The problem with a lot of the Tea Party is when they say very ignorant/ridiculous/deceitful things such as the now classic slogan "Keep Your Government Hands Off My Medicare!" or pushing the idea that Obamacare will create "Death Panels". Or when they are absurdly hypocritical by stating they believe in freedom and liberty and the government needs to be more reigned in, yet they want to use the government to prohibit  two consenting adults from entering into a contract of marriage? That doesn't sound like freedom and liberty to me. The Tea Party should probably read more closely those founding documents it supposedly reverse so much. It's pretty plainly stated in the Declaration of Independence "that all men are created equal" and are endowed with unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Not allowing gay marriage is a grievous violation to Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness of those people. Those are just some problems with the Tea Party.

Now for the Occupy Movement. The "right wing" out there is labeling them as America-Hating-Marxist-Communo-Social-Fascist-Nazi-Big-Government-Freeloading-whatevers. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to find people in the movement that actually are like that but they're a very small fraction. People are trying to portray it as a Soros/Union/Labor-backed answer to the Tea Party.  Most people that I know personally that are out occupying are pretty hardcore Ron Paul supporters or anarchists both of which don't land on the liberal side of the spectrum. The majority of the protesters are not lazy freeloaders that want the government to take care of them..not even the liberal ones as long as they are a sane and reasonable person. The protests are currently directed at Wall Street but it a whole lot more than that. That was just the first thing that brought everyone together. It isn't well defined yet because it is a true grassroots movement to return the power in this country back to the people, the individual, and when you have as many voices and ideas as this country has you don't just instantly have a platform to push. The Tea Party just took a bunch of theoretical ideals and other agendas pushed by either Koch Bros. & Friends or a sadly radicalized, I'll leave unnamed, religion. That's not to say every Tea Party member falls into these generalizations. Occupy protesters for the most part also are not thugs are trying to cause trouble. There are always troublemakers in any movement and when they do something illegal they need to face the consequences of that.

Both movements demand an end to corruption...but that has to go for both government and private/corporate sectors. The corruption of one feeds the other and they are both beyond bloated with it. And yes, Charlie Rangle should've been removed from office. Both movements demand a transparent government that listens to and represents the people of this country and not the moneyed interests whoever they may be. I have a hope people in the Tea Party will actually begin to see the protesters, not as the "enemy", but as fellow Americans and that there really aren't that many differences between eachother. If the two movements can work together, there's nothing that could stop them from taking the power back to the people, the individual.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Um, when you refer to yourself as someone else, and it is called "third" person.  (Michelle Bachmann speaking about Michele Bachmann by name) 

Anyway, welcome to the Blotter. 

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