Michele Bachmann's campaign is literally mailing it in these days

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Michele Bachmann is running for U.S. Postmaster General.
Michele Bachmann, despite any scurrilous reports to the contrary, is very much interested in winning the New Hampshire primary.

Though she'd prefer to go the easy way. If there's any way she could win in New Hampshire without leaving the state of Iowa, that'd be ideal.

Yesterday, Bachmann officially filed the paperwork to run in the early-January Granite State race. Well, anyway, someone filed on her behalf. You see, Michele didn't really care to show up in New Hampshire, and instead just put her application in the mail.

Considering her New Hampshire staffers all just quit en masse, saying she didn't care about them or the state... this "relax, it's in the mail" thing might go some of the way toward proving that they're right.

As has been pointed out in different instances before, Bachmann doesn't really like making phone calls, and does her best work through the mail. Still, entering the New Hampshire primary by mail, as if she were applying to Southern New Hampshire University -- GO PENMEN! -- is something of a slight.

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Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama: One of these people might be president in 2013. (It's the one on the right.)
It's also rare. Other candidates, like the ones who might win -- Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Joe Biden on behalf of Obama-Biden -- normally make a big showy event out of signing up for the primary.

But not our Michele. She likes to play it cool. Michele, you see, is running for president, but on the downlow, you dig? Nobody needs to know about this whole president gig. In fact, she's kind of just waiting to hear if she wins the big one in November 2012. Then she'll finally get out there and really start making noise.

The receipt of Bachmann's letter was confirmed to the Hill by the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office.

City Pages has so many questions about all this. Like, was it just a handwritten note from Mrs. Bachmann? ("Running for Prez, k thanx bye, xoxo Michele B.") Does she even know that this happened, or are her allegedly dismissive campaign managers just operating without her knowledge at this point? What kind of stamp did she use? (Perhaps a commemorative Elvis Presley-- oh, no! Even better!--John Wayne!)

And the last, most important question: Is there any chance that the return address was in the state of Minnesota? Because we haven't seen her in a long time, and were just wondering if she was going to get around to that U.S. Congress thing.

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