Michele Bachmann cancels Minneapolis town hall, holds top-secret fundraiser

bachmann minneapolis campaign video.jpg
Michele Bachmann zipped in and out of town last night.
Michele Bachmann was in Minn--

Oh, she's gone. Did you see her? She was just here a minute ago!

Well, anyway, reports are that Bachmann passed through town last night, though you needed a little whip-out money to find her behind closed doors. Originally, Bachmann had planned something of a Minneapolis blitz yesterday, with a town hall meeting during the day and a fundraiser at night.

But upon reflection, her campaign realized there's really no benefit to engaging with average Minnesotans in a public setting. Much better, they thought, to meet the private elite at the downtown Hilton hotel for an evening of cocktails and checkbooks.

Well, there was dinner served as well. But for as much as this thing cost per person, you weren't heading to the Hilton just to try the ribeye.

In Bachmann's original announcement of the town hall and fundraiser, it was specified just how much you'd have to pay to reach certain levels of Bachmann support-dom. For $2,500 a person or $5,000 a couple, you reached the "Minnesota Leadership Committee" status, which given the state of the Bachmann for President Campaign is a bit like being named president of Mas a Tierra.

bachmann van sustren.jpg
Michele Bachmann: You'll need to spend more than $100 for dinner.
If you're some sort of regular old shlub, you could've chipped in $100 bucks just to get in the door at the reception. For that amount you got a photo (step away from the dinner plate!) with Bachmann, and the chance to say you'd breathed the same air as Michele Bachmann, back when she was still running for president.

Minnesota Public Radio caught up to a few survivors, who described the horrifying scenes that went on inside the Hilton.

All right, they seemed pretty pleased about it. Take William and Elise Wood, a Minnetonka couple that contributed $250, which granted them "Campaigner" status, meaning they got a reception, photo op, and dinner.

"The race is far from over at this point," William Wood told MPR, "so I'm here to encourage her to continue doing what she's doing."

From the context, it's presumable he was referring to Bachmann, though there's no proof he was not simply referring to the pleasant waitress who kept filling up the cups with decaf long into the night.


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Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

Michele is no different than any of the other clowns and con artists in the Republican field.  I like Herman Cain who is using the presidential campaign to sell books and boost his speaking fees.  Always gotta think con artist if a Presidential candidate doesn't have any staff in Iowa or New Hampshire.   Republicans need to take a long hard look at what getting all their opinions from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh is doing to their party.  At one point Donald Trump was your frontrunner.  If that isn't a sign of intellectual decay I don't know what is.


Admitting a mistake?  Humility?  Apologies?  What's going on here?


Congratulations on the new leaf.  Although I'm not sure what is about me that you were hoping to change.  I was right about Bachmann the whole time and I haven't changed my opinion about her for YEARS.  You're the one who is finally coming around...

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. You guys might never 'get it', but I have to accept the fact that I can't change you. Got a problem with that? And yes, Bachmann was a mistake. I see that now.

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