Occupy MN: Mugshots from arrests at US Bank [PICTURES]

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misty rowan thumb.jpg
Even though this is what she wanted, no one looks happy in a mugshot.
Yesterday afternoon, in an attempt to escalate the level of confrontation with law enforcement, seven Occupy MN protesters refused to clear the intersection in front of US Bank. Their message was manifold, but the goal was clear: get arrested.

The Minneapolis police obliged and after three warnings, rounded them up and carted them off to Hennepin County Jail. Now we've got the mugshots.

Since it began two weeks ago, the occupation of Government Plaza has fluctuated in size and in message, but has recently begun converging around a "Stop Foreclosures" mission. The protesters have tied that message to their own need for shelter as the nights get increasingly frigid and Sheriff Rich Stanek still refuses to allow them to build tents in the plaza.

So yesterday, the seven occupiers sat in two tents in front of US Bank Plaza, smack in the middle of the intersection of 6th Street and 2nd Avenue. After repeated warnings, they were arrested and taken away. Watch video of the arrests here.

The seven -- Peter Leeman, Devin Wynn, Ben Egerman, Katrina Plotz, Merritt Benton, Misty Rowan, and Jason St. John -- spent the better part of the afternoon in jail, but each posted $50 bail and they were out by mid-evening. Their court date is set for November 3.

Check out the gallery of the Occupy 7 below, starting with noted glitterbomber Ben Egerman:

Ben Egerman.jpg
Ben Egerman
katrina plotz.jpg
Katrina Plotz
Merritt Benton.jpg
Merritt Benton
jason st john.jpg
Jason St. John a.k.a. Robert Thunder
peter leeman.jpg
Peter Leeman
missy rowan.jpg
Melissa Rowan
Devin Wynn.jpg
Devin Wynn-Shemanek

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