Occupy MN: Melissa Hill arrested by Hennepin County Sheriff's deputies [VIDEO]

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Melissa Hill arrest.jpg
Cops approach Melissa Hill outside Occupy MN tent building demo.
Occupy MN protesters began setting up tents and shelters on the grassy knoll of the Government Plaza this afternoon, with full knowledge that they are defying the orders of the Hennepin County Sheriff.

However, cops approached Melissa Hill as she stood on the sidewalk just outside the park, far away from the tents. Occupiers noticed and crowded around in what quickly became a circus-like atmosphere.

Hill is a well-known local activist and chalker (who recently had her bike taken by downtown ambassadors). She is also, interestingly, the creator of "Kitten for Sheriff," a Facebook campaign trying to unseat Sheriff Rich Stanek by electing an adorable kitten in his place.

Hill was wearing a neon green National Lawyers Guild hat and standing on the sidewalk outside of the park, away from the action at Tent City, when officers from the Minneapolis Police Department and Hennepin County Sheriff's Department informed her she was trespassing. As she was led away a huge crowd of occupiers followed shouting, "Let her go!"

She was booked by the sheriff's department for trespassing and refusal to depart, and is still in custody. Check out the frenzy below:

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Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro

its pretty much just a way for them to flex power towards something that is ridiculous...


Something is missing here. Why did they arrest someone far from any tents?


I agree. There is something missing. Like instead of how she was walking away, where was she walking on, and where was she going.

For realz
For realz

Melissa Hill has been chalking for like years now. She has a love hate relationship with law enforcement.  It has nothing to do with the Occupy people. She gets arrested like once a week.

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