Occupy MN protesters march to the Fed [VIDEO]

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Minneapolis police were vigilant as Occupy MN marchers entered the Fed's private park.
As their numbers increased in the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza this afternoon, more and more chatter rose among the Occupy MN crowd about marching to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. The Fed was the originally planned occupation destination, but organizers worried that arrests could take place as soon as marchers started blocking traffic.

"They wanted to just do it," says April Lukes-Streich, one of Occupy MN's organizers. "We were like, 'You guys, don't.'"

Finally word came that if marchers were flanked by Minneapolis police, they could go at 2:30 p.m. The protesters held themselves back until about 2.

A hundred or so marchers made their way down the middle of Washington Avenue to the Fed, and convened briefly in the public plaza outside. They then marched down into the Fed's adjoining park, which is technically private property. Police waited at the bottom of the sloped park.

Check out the march, the park occupation and the police presence below:

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