Occupy MN: Hennepin County Sheriff investigating "riot equipment" kit [UPDATE]

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Just add actual rioters!
Yesterday in the Hennepin County Government Plaza, where Occupy MN protesters have been gathering and sleeping for two and a half weeks, building security noticed an odd package amongst the occupiers' belongings and confiscated it.

No bomb squad or drug sniffing dog were required -- the box's contents and purpose were printed out neatly on the label: "RIOT EQUIPMENT."

At the moment, it's not clear whether the box is some sort of planted evidence, a poorly-executed joke, or the worst secret plan in the history of cardboard boxes.

Update: Occupy MN provides a description of the mysterious riot mastermind(less.)

Sam Richards from the Occupy MN media team says several occupiers watched a tall, older man with flowing white hair get off the light rail with a cardboard box yesterday around noon. He says the man placed it in between a couple of card tables, hung around for a few minutes, then jumped back on the train.

A small crowd began to gather around it -- the word "RIOT" naturally caught people's attention. That of course caught the attention of Hennepin County Security officers, who took one look and spirited the box away.

They turned the box over to the sheriff's department. Inside they found a half-dozen whole or broken bricks, a fist-sized stone and a chunk of concrete. A piece of paper on the outside announces, subtly:

riot equipment box rocks.jpg

- bricks

- large but throwable stones

- gasoline

If this is serious, some very forthright members of the 99 percent might want to try using more than the one percent of their brain power.

The sheriff's department took the opportunity to point out -- in the increasingly escalating PR war between cops and occupiers -- that not only have they already spent $200,000 on additional personnel since the occupation began, but they are taking the box seriously and are investigating.

"The bricks could have hurt the demonstrators, people who work at the government center, law enforcement," says spokesperson Lisa Kiava.

While all of this is true, at the moment they were discovered, all the bricks were doing was making the box kind of heavy.

April Lukes-Streich from Occupy MN thinks it's clear that this is someone trying to intentionally rattle the already shaky truce between plaza security and protesters.

"We think it was a plant or some kind of provocateur trying to make us look bad," she says. "It seems almost like it's not really threatening, it's just someone trying to be funny. But it's really strange."

Richards says the mysterious man with white hair returned about seven hours later after dark, and that he was pointed out as the box-drop bandit to security.

"They couldn't really arrest him for inciting a riot," he says. "It was just a box."

Lukes-Streich says they'll be monitoring both the food and donation area much more closely in case any one else gets it into their heads to drop off something similar.

Like a bunch of empty bottles labeled MOLOTOV COCKTAIL HOLDERS, or perhaps a pan of brownies marked ILLEGAL MARIJUANA SQUARES?

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So the sheriff's department takes this seriously and is going to investigate, but they pass on talking to the guy who brought the box there in the first place.

Sally Jo Sorensen
Sally Jo Sorensen

I know some of former Sheriff Bob Fletcher's staff (and Sheriff Bob himself) were put out of work last November, but Stanek's crew should raise their hiring standards a bit if this is how the provocateur-for-dummies business has devolved since the halcyon days of the RNC arrests.

Sad, but sadder still is the fact that any media, old or new might take Stanek's spin seriously. This Blotter post nails it via tone alone.


Who are you kidding?  This is a slimy attempt to start trouble  and I doubt very much it came from the protesters.  I would like to know who planted this and who is so afraid the protests are gaining strength that they have to stoop to such an idiot maneuver.  This smacks of an official government dunce.   Everything the police have done in NYC, Oregon and every other  protest site has backfired on them causing more people to join the protests.  Shows the level of stupidity our government has sunk to.  How did so many stupid people get in positions of power.  When are the police going to wise up and realize they are just carrying water for the 1% and they are the 99%? 

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